Challenge from 0 to 10K start-up, configurations and plan

By From0To10K | From 0 to 10K - English | 28 Aug 2021

It's August 27th 2021 and I'm starting today the challenge which consists in winning 10 000$ starting from 0. That is to say, without the help of any particular material other than a computer and a phone. Well yes, if you start with 1 ASIC, it's pretty easy as a challenge!


So you can follow me on Twitter if you are interested in the challenge and if you want to earn some money at the same time!

For your information, several links in this article are sponsorship links. My goal is to make known the platforms that will allow me to reach my goal. If some of them allow me to place a referral link, I will do so and you will be notified, otherwise, the platforms will still be shared but without a referral link.

Creation and configuration of the wallet

This day will start with a configuration part. Indeed, to be a minimum free, we must already create a wallet (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon ...).

It is therefore quite natural that I install the Metamask extension. Once the application is installed, I write down my seed on a piece of paper that I will put in a safe place so that my account won't be hacked!

To allow you to follow the different movements, here is the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon address that will be used during this challenge: 0xF57Ae669f377bBcB120681154375baB1E8294768

You can follow this wallet with the different blockchain explorers:

With the wallet created, we will add the different blockchains to Metamask to allow us to switch if needed. For your information, I probably won't use the Ethereum wallet right now because of the relatively high fees! If it's to earn 10€ and pay them in fees, it's not worth it!

Add the Polygon blockchain

For beginners, here is the Tutorial from A to Z, otherwise, here is the necessary information:

Add the Binance Smart Chain blockchain

Same as previous, here is the Tutorial from A to Z, otherwise, here is the necessary information:

Small security point

Beware, as you know, the #crypto is the jungle. You must therefore take all necessary measures to avoid having your accounts hacked. So avoid public places to make your crypto operations!

Only invest what you are willing to lose! Well, when we start from scratch, we don't take too many risks but still. You have to keep in mind that you can lose everything from one day to the next on a hack of a platform, security breach, hacking of your computer...

I invite you to watch Hasheur's latest video to learn about the latest techniques to steal your cryptocurrencies.

Plans and some ideas to explore

To begin the challenge, I started to gather several platforms that could help me earn my first $. Indeed, the difficulty is really to earn money by starting really with nothing.

So here are a few avenues to explore:

If you have any other ideas or tips, feel free to send them in the comments!

I'll probably write an article later tonight or tomorrow morning to give you a first update on the gains made on this first day as well as on the difficulties encountered.

If you want to help me succeed in this challenge, don't hesitate to tip this article and allow me to win some crypto fragments!

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From 0 to 10K - English
From 0 to 10K - English

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