DAY 19: from 0 to 1BTC - Earning recap (day 18) : 0,003 BTC reached

DAY 19: from 0 to 1BTC - Earning recap (day 18) : 0,003 BTC reached


Here is DAY 18 earning recap : 






As you can see, again  good day yesterday, with passive revenues continuing to grow  fast.

I did +0,0008 BTC yestderday, a little bit less then Day 17 but still, very good !

I have now reached 0,003 BTC, 0,3% of my challenge to reach 1 BTC from 0 in one year ! My goal is now to reach 1% before day 30.

A few things before going into the details :

- strategy : as you can see, as soon I earn money, from Faucets or affiliate revenues, I put it at work on the Platfrom. This is going to be strategy from now on : put all my profit at work on this platfrom to MAXIMISE coupond interest effect. In the end of the journey most of my profit should come from there. In mean, It continues to generate 3% daily. It would be stupid of me not to put the maximum of my earning at work§

- I'm supposed to receive my Wirex Visa card today! Can't wait; I'll check the mail box after work, and keep you posted. More details here :



- I did a post on Trustice today. 889 TXT mined so far (value 3000 satoshis), day 14 before halving, I hope the price goes up soon. You can check it here :



Here are the details :


- Active Wallet :0,00023 BTC


These are the bitcoin i am earning "working" : claiming faucets, visiting sites and blogging.

Yesterday revenues : +0,0000375 BTC 

Here are the results : 


I have been very active mainly on the following faucets : 

Claim free coins




More details here :

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash

MoonDash - Dash

MoonLite - Litecoin

MoonBit - Bitcoin

MoonDoge - Dogecoin

More details here :

And on 2 new  Pay to click sites :

More details on the 2 sites I am using here :

Have also added Altcoins claim to my strategy to profit from the coming Altseason :



- Passive Wallet: 0,0022 BTC


- L7trade arbitrage plateform :


- I executed 4 risk free arbitrages yesterday on the L7 trade  platform for an average profit of 1,05% per trade. Profit : 0,00009 BTC.

- Bankroll is now 256,7 XLM : I've added all my yesterday referral revenues to this wallet.

As soon I will reach 1000 XLM (this is going to takes time though !) I plan to exchange them in LTC (the minimum to trade LTC on the platfrom is 1 LTC, around 1000 XLM) as arbitrage can be more frequent (every 60 minutes for LTC vs every 180 minutes for XLM) and more profitable. This means more COMPOUND INTEREST (you know my passion fo them! And if you don't you can read the post I did about my love of compound interest :

So far, I am well in ligne with my target of +3 % per day .


What is L7 trade?

It's an arbitrage platform. As you the prices of crypto assets might be different from on exchange to another. With this plateform you can buy low on one exchange and immediatly sell higher on another plateform (it's more complex than that but basically it is that). It's a risk free arbitrage.

If you want to give a try please use my referal link : .

For more information, I did a tutorial of the plateform here

If you want to understand why I am using a timer an why I like Compound interest : it's here :


- Affiliate: 0,0007154 BTC



10 affiliates so far (+1) ! Thank you to all of you. I hope you are making good and frequent profits on the platform !

Yesterday profit : 0,0007154 BTC. 

I transfered 0,00083 BTC in the wallet.

These are the revenues from my referrals on the L7.TRADE platform.

If you use my link to subscribe to this platform, I will gain crypto when you use it ! (a small share of the marging of the plateform, it doesn't impact you gains).

So don't hesitate to subscribe via my link to this RISK FREE ARBITRAGE plateform that is for me one of the best opportunity in the cryposphere today (and I say "one of" because I am prudent and I don't know all the opportunities on line, but I really's the best)

And if you want to learn how to use it, here is a tuto :


Thank you all again for the support!

Have a wonderfull day.



You want to help me achieve my challenge?

Here is what you can do :

  • Follow and support me :



  • Try these faucets to get free Bitcoin or Altcoins:


Bitcoins :

Claim free coins:

Onebitco : Claim 7-14 satoshi every 5 minutes

Starbits : 5 satoshis every 5 minutes

Claimbits : 6 satoshis every 5 minutes

MoonBit - Bitcoin


Altcoins :

More details here :

And here :

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash

MoonDash - Dash :

MoonLite - Litecoin

MoonDoge - Dogecoin

claim free ETH

- claim free LTC

- claim free DOGE

TopCoins : BAT and BNB Faucets :

Fire faucets : 15 altcoins


Thank you very much in advance !


Crypto enthusiast. I challenged myself to accumulate 1 bitcoin starting from 0 in 1 year. I'll share with you this journey

From 0 to 1 Bitcoin challenge
From 0 to 1 Bitcoin challenge

Crypto enthusiast. I challenged myself to accumulate 1 bitcoin starting from 0 in 1 year. I'll share with you this journey.

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