Da Vinci NFT Marketplace - Utilising Harmony ONE tokens

The Da Vinci NFT marketplace is well worth a look, and if you are digital artist, photographer or creative looking to dive into the world of NFTs, but have been put off by the high gas prices of minting on the Ethereum ecosystem you may want to take a closer look at minting using Harmony (ONE).

Da Vinci Gallery

There are several benefits with ONE, its currently arguably very undervalued, meaning sales now will potentially be worth a lot more in future, it can easily and with very low risk be staked for around 11% return.  Transaction fees are small and transactions very fast.  You can mint 1000's of NFTs for 1 ONE token.

I've started creating a few photographic NFTs and will be adding many more collections and NFTs over the coming days, weeks and months, so please do go and take a look!

Blue Mountains Landscape NFT Collection

Sydney Photographic NFT Collection

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