Why so serious? Pranks for April Fool's.

By JohnnyFriday | Friday AI | 1 Apr 2022

I asked Friday AI for some April fools prank ideas, I think I got some good ones:  

1. Switch someone's shampoo and conditioner so their hair is greasy and oily for the day.  

2. Fill a water bottle with blue food coloring and put it in the fridge. When someone takes a drink, they'll get a mouthful of blue ice cubes.  

3. Tape a fake $100 bill to the ground and watch as people try to pick it up.  

4. Stick a piece of double-sided tape to the bottom of a chair.  

5. Change the language settings on someone's phone or computer to a foreign language.  

6. Put a sticker on the bottom of a plate so it won't stick to the table.  

7. Fill a balloon with shaving cream and tie it to a doorknob.  

8. Put a sticker on the bottom of a cup so it won't stick to the table.  

9. Fill a container with water and freeze it. When someone picks it up, the ice will break and they'll get wet.  

10. Switch the salt and sugar packets at a restaurant.  


I then asked Friday for some best practices in pulling off pranks and it gave me a few:  

There is no one foolproof way to pull off an April Fools prank, but some tips include:

-Making sure the prank is something that can be easily reversed, in case the victim decides to take revenge

-Making sure the victim is not likely to be harmed by the prank

-Choosing a prank that is funny and not mean-spirited

  What will you do to celebrate being a fool?   Ask Friday! www.heyfriday.ai    

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