Djed-Cardano stable coin

Cardano is going to introduce a stable coin in 2023!

By Freshmoney | Freshmoney | 22 Nov 2022


Cardano (ADA) is introducing a stable coin in 2023!


This could potentially be a big catalyst to bring some price action to Cardano.

Djed, a new stablecoin, will launch on the Cardano mainnet in January 2023. Cardano has partnered with COTI to launch an ''over-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin.'' The stablecoin will be launched after a successful audit and rigorous stress-testing.

Djed will be pegged to the US Dollar, backed by ADA, and it will use SHEN as its reserve coin. Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of COTI, said that Djed will serve as a ''safe haven in the Cardano network.'' The developers plan to adopt a gradual approach to providing liquidity to the Djed smart contract.

Get excited for Cardano and the new stable coin that will be launching!

If you were kind of unsure of Cardano well this is big and a lot is going on behind the scenes.

Don't listen to all the fud. Instead read facts. Listen to facts.

Look at what Institutional investors are buying behind closed doors. There are websites that you can use to see what the whales are investing in.

I will post some sites later on that you can use to check up on what's really going on in crypto and not what the media or these fake gurus tell you. I invest with FACTS not fud.

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Have a great day/night where ever you are in the world. Crypto for freedom!

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