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The 10 Space

By 10 | Frequency of Free | 30 Nov 2021

An introduction to the Stars who arrive to my 10 Space


Freedom has always been my path. When I was young I could see behind life but could not inner over or understand what it was I was seeing. I always wanted to do things my way and any restrictions were uncomfortable. Most may be that way, I don't know, but this is my sharing. It was difficult for me to understand why life runs how it does. And “because that's that way it is” has never been good enough. I wanted to know why and how. 

I’ve been on the extremes for most of this life. Going to the deepest depths. Spending much of my time reflecting and taking things apart. People have often been annoyed by how many questions I ask. Which I get because I don't like to be asked questions. Or, didn't. Losing mySelf in research and learning was common.And I've also had a large amount of time in this life where I was outside of myself. Searching. Trying. Doing. Instead of being in my own energy I was giving it out. And those two extremes are one in the same yet were expressed in different ways.

I know that I am, and we are, an expression of our whole. The whole that is commonly referred to as God. Infinite possibilities. That is what 10 is. 1 spirit creating from our wh0le. 

The 10 space is my expression from personal and collective realizations. My perspective of what is behind that which we see in the physical world and what limits our freedom to Be. Being is creating from our true Self. The natural state.

While I am sharing in public spaces, my personal reflections are dedications to my younger self. Sharing what the patterns that I am recognizing and releasing or have released. My collective reflections are my future self sharing with me now. Seeing and sharing what is behind what attempts to control our freedom and power as individuals in the whole. 

As one, I am creating and sharing what my spirit is observing at any given moment. Holding the Frequency of Free through everything.

I am happy to have you on this journey for however long it is meant for us to be together. As a reader/viewer/co-creator you are welcome to join me in creating the new in any way(s) you feel led and that is in alignment.

This is what is now. This shit will shift in every moment. Remove your seatbelt.



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1 creating from our infinite wh0le.

Frequency of Free
Frequency of Free

Free is to Be

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