You wan't Mining Ethereum ?

You wan't Mining Ethereum ?

By Mendo67 | L'Ethereum | 9 Feb 2021

If you wan't mining Ethereum :

Mining on Ethereum is open to everyone, in principle, without restriction, as all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.Ethereum mining exclusively uses the power of graphics cards intended for video games.

Computers dedicated to mining therefore usually consist of a motherboard, a low-power processor, and several (up to 18) graphics cards. In this area, AMD with its RADEON range offers higher performance than its competitor NVIDIA with its GEFORCE range.

Then, a GNU / Linux operating system such as EthOS or SMOS specialists for those who wish to dedicate a machine to mining is recommended, because it offers the optimal performance, but not mandatory. It is therefore possible to take advantage of a standard computer when it is not being used for its main functions by using software installed on Windows or MacOS.

Finally, it will be necessary to join a "mining pool" to pool its computing power with other players who have equipment. The total computing power of the current network is such that it is more likely to win 5 times in a row than to create a single block of ether with human-sized hardware.


But beware, if you mine with your computer, the cost of purchasing electricity may be more important than your profit ! 

The safest way is to buy cryptocurrency!

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