Merge joins Find Your Masternode hosting service powered by FDR

Another great masternode project join Find Your Masternode hosting service powered by FDR

There are already many projects hosted on FYMN, here a special one : Merge. French Digital Reserve shares its purpose as a community collaborative masternode project, with a developpement based on the creativity of their users. Code serves humans, their needs and their creativity. 

Merge facilitates blockchain and non-blockchain services and acts as a trusted third party that pays for those services for you to use with your investment. You get back the tokens you invested once you stop using the services they provided.


We can see in the future many synergyc cross-chain collaborations between FDR and Merge communities. An Ecosystem Merge is when two groups agree to fully merge their resources and relationship capital for the benefit of the many. The more frictionless the ecosystem Merge is, the more exponential the outcome.

Merge attracts developers who create their own software apps, tools and solutions, being them blockchain and non-blockchain based. As a developer, they help you bringing your creations to the market and transitioning them to Software as a Service. You then get compensated when users and partners use your services. Merge Ecosystem

Merge is the collaborative result of multi-functional teams and individuals who focus on providing Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by the Blockchain. With the support of the MERGE Cryptocurrency, it provides a wide range of solutions for crypto and non-crypto oriented users, teams, and companies

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Visit the Merge site, start creating your dream blockchain project.

Disclaim : This post is partially copy/pasted from Merge site

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Lorenzo The big Brain

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French Digital Reserve
French Digital Reserve

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