A new platform for FDreserve to be able to place your sales offers at the prices of your choice.

During the month of September we have studied and implemented a strategy to diversify the impulse funds. Part of the funds will be used for mining and the other part is used to DCA a list of high potential projects offering us staking rewards.

This choice comes from the fact that we are now in the heart of the bear market, and certainly only a few months from the bottom of this cycle.
We therefore believe that the coming months will offer the best opportunities for DCA in the market to take staking and mining profits that will gain strength throughout the next bull market.

Buybacks were put on hold for the same reason throughout September, and will slowly pick up over the next few months (as we commit capital via DCA), only to pick up steam as the market begins the rise of the future bull market.

Regarding Impulse, we have developed a platform that will allow you to place pre-release bids on tokens. This means that by connecting your Bsc address you will have access on (the platform only) to the total balance of vested Impulses, and will have the possibility to place your sales offers at the prices of your choice.

We will proceed to the vast majority of buybacks directly on this platform, buying back the lowest bids. When we proceed to the buybacks, the sellers will receive directly the Busd on their address, and we will burn the corresponding Impulses.

Here is the link to the platform:


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Lorenzo The big Brain

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