Why do you post here?

By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 26 Aug 2019

Publish0x is a great place to be.

Each time my connection allows me to join it, the friendly interface surprises me.

It is great you can only give a few votes and not within a few minutes.

It creates time to read, think over and comment a post, to show you appreciate what is written.

Some here can write for sure.

A good writer can make any subject interesting to read.

It is just such a pity they are hard to find.

There are many posts about cryptocurrencies but most of them are no news.

I see copy-pastes from other articles or just a list what the cryptocurrencies are worth at the moment, somewhere in this world.

Is this interesting information? Not to me and I doubt it is for any investor. They will not check this place before they buy and sell and neither do I.

I would welcome some better, more interesting, good and easy reads here.


No, I am not a dummy.

I can see who wrote the whole content him/herself and who copied the biggest part from somewhere. Might be "easy does it" for you, but I will not vote for you.

It is not so hard to write 200 words.


Be original and write something to think about. In 240 characters is fine too if you are a slow writer or lazy.

As long as you give your post a bit of you it is a good one. It needs something special.

A great idea as this platform can only grow, be successful if you invest in it, show a bit of yourself.

If you hardly can speak/write one word English do not post something written by an academic it only makes you look like a big fool.

If you wrote something that might interest me, have something to share you can leave a comment here and I follow you and you have my vote.

Happy day to all of you.


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Writer, mobile only blogger. Living in a cave but with worldwide interest in everything. Human beings not in the first place.


My freewrites are about every subject/thought that pops up in my mind. I write and quit after some minutes and that's it.

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