By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 26 Sep 2019

"I thought we were partners! You were the first who wanted this project.

And now you tell me I have to deal with it alone?! You know I don't have the qualifications or can sign the papers on my own. Any more surprises?"

In a flash she thought back how it all started. The great life, business and parter she had and how she gave up on it for the only thing she didn't had.

"You can't always get what you want", a voice inside her head whined

She closed her eyes hoped to silence the annoying, monotome voice as she repeated the words

"Wanne bet I always get what I want!, Wanne bet! I always get what I want! I get what I want! I get.."

She found herself back in a small, white room, could not remember how she ended up in there. No furniture, a mattress covered by a white sheet only.

"She is a very determined woman, but this is a men's world.

No way she can be your partner. What made you think they agree with it? If you go on with this you can forget it. You are turned into scrap before you can count till ten."

"She is my partner and a damned good one. What did you do to her?"

"Nothing special, you know how it works. Don't worry within a week she cannot remember you, any of her plans or even tell if she is dreaming or alive. For the Iron's sake this is a human."

He looked through the small window and spotted her sitting on the mattress.

"Look for yourself she already gave up fighting."

Pleased with the rapid success, it turned around.

"Might be but you didn't convince me. It is like you said you can't have it all."

As Engine's sound was turned off, it only needed to open the door and wait. Once she had finished her beauty sleep, she would listen to the explanation and understand. The proof was right there and they would be partners again.


I wrote this for a #weekendfreewrite with 3 given prompts. I also used the prompt _engine sound_.

#kittywu #wakeupkitty #freewriter #steemit #shortstory

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