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By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 17 Aug 2019

Today I noticed for the first time I am not always able to leave a comment.

Did I miss something? Is it impossible to comment?

If that is the case it might be the reason why I see only a few comments underneath the most posts (few =none at all).


It makes me thinking, you never wonder why that is the case?

One thing is for sure. This is not social media. Social media means you socialize with each other. The only way you can do so is by commenting. Let people know you are there, read their content. You can say what you think about what you read or share an opinion.


If this site works and my connection lets me in, if I work and not spend my days and nights in bed I am here.

To be honest I think this is one of the most user-friendly sites. It is just such a pity there is no interaction and posts are hard to find.


No, I do not want to read day and night about the value of Bitcoin or other coins.

At times it is just too much. It is not the end of the world if a coin it's value drops. Most people here are active on who knows how many sites on the blockchain and eos. Spending day and night hoping to get rich.

All those hours you could have a paid job and count on a steady income if you would put the same energy and enthusiasm in it.

I know no one who got rich overnight. Do you?

Small change you will. Invest, check your wallet, post on 1-2 sites and be good at that. You can never be good doing 10 things at the same time. Comment, connect to others. It is all about engagement. 


Do you know what I think?

Most who are blogging on the blockchain iare no real bloggers, no writers either and for sure did not read 100 books in their life (I read this morning 75% of the self-made millionaires read 2 books a month..I agree that is very hard to believe.).

So what are all those people who skipped school, never read a book suddenly do here?

I think you know the answer, just like I do. They quickly post some lines and leave, go on to the next site. They have no intention to read what others wrote, it is all about the money. Quick money. For some a must, to others a hobby and for the lazy one's a way to earn a bit without working for someone.

Cryptocurrencies give hope to many,

especially those without a penny.


They already found out no one votes for good content. They simply vote the first 10 posts they see and leave. 

I seem to be the only one who complains about not being able to comment.

Like my inmate friend says: if you never read a book you will not suddenly start reading. You do it to find the info you need or because you are bored to death and stay in prison.


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