A perfect Thursday

By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 4 Oct 2019

Perfect Thursday - Oct. 3, 2019


Awake... time?

I stay in bed feel miserable.

**4 am**

Wolves howling the youngest has a strange sound.

**4:30 am**


First post of the day Happy birthday day via SteemCoinpan and on Weku too.

Read, commented and upvoted some Weku posts.

**4:57 am**

Get dressed tea time with bus-kid, has eye trouble. Allergies? Is sniffing around like me.

**5:15 am**

Finished our tea and some cornflakes (no milk no sugar).

On the way to the bus stop.

It was a stormy night and it rained.

Back home I tried to make a photo of the sheep but it is too dark.


A dog and big hedgehog on the road.

More wind, it starts raining.

**6:15 am**

Youngest still in bed.

Posted my @appics post [Thor]. He was a bad choice and is not born for luck.


**7:10 am**

Posted Diary Day #20 - Oct. 2, 2019

[What a Wednesday] uvia SteemCoinpan (read and upvoted too) and on Weku. Finally catched up. Used #ulog this time.

It is better to post first and answer later.

It is grey outside and a stronger wind blows.

**7:40 am**

Time to drive the youngest to school. It's raining faster.

The sheep are still in the stable. The dog is on the road the hedgehog gone.


Made a photo of smelly weed. According to an old Hungarian gut the seeds are drugs too. The plants grows fast gets over 6 feet tall.

The farmer is leaving again. New car, new wife?

The sheeps are gone. The shepherd is in the pouring rain with them on the field. No way he can sit and sleep in the sun now.


Made a photo of the wet hay and grey sky.

Had a walk through the garden. Three more tomatoes fell on the earth. They can ripe inside, it will take 2- 3 days. Sofar 6 tomatoes.


Last night we ate cucumber with tomato and feta.

The youngest gained 600 gram.

**8:20 am**

Tea time for me alone and time to check the comments. I will no longer use @partiko.

Dpoll - done

- esteems quest creator program???

- Flagging/diwnvoting two words spam comments (two words is not spam)

- Do you miss retro things (you should have saved them if you miss them/you cannot miss what you never had).

- Do you think oil will be needed in 100 years?

Sent reminder invitation CCC contest.

**10:20 am**

Time for some house chorus.

Switched the kitchen boiler on to do the dishes, wiped some dust, swept the floor, battery phone charging.

@deemarshall runs a great Artcontest this week!

Finished drinking nearly 2 liter water.

**11:30 am**

Went to bed it is cold inside, no sun.

Much drinking is non stop toilet visit.

**1 pm**

Fed the wolves.

Swept the floor again.

Last bit of water with me in the car to pick up the youngest.

**1:40 pm**

At school.

The eggs at the small shop cost 11 cent an egg more as yesterday.

Whatsapp: Daughter needs new driver's license asks where to get it. 40 euro + new photos.

**4 pm**

Questions about photo challlenge @derangedcontests are answered 👍

See here @derangedvisions

>The prize is upvotes from my contest account which is staked with close to 60k CCC and nearly 60k PHOTO as well. So ya, the account may have a low amount of SP to it, but in actuality if you were to take in account the vote value of it in terms of sellable tokens, it would be worth about 50k SP or more.

and here @fotostef

>I understand your concern [@wakeupkitty] it is obvious that you mean well. This contest was started from [@derangedvisions] through his personal account. Wes is a man very committed to the community that had some very turbulent times. The [@derangedcontests] account is only a few weeks old and it's main power is at creativecoin. There you can see a different image of rewards.

>I think you have joined steemit about the same time as I did, so you may remember #photogames. That was a great time for photographers, even for newbies as I was back then. I wouldn't encourage anyone though, to join contests for the rewards. You can gain some visibility, maybe make a couple of friends but it is your own posts that can make the difference in your wallet :)


>I think comments are the same as posts, payout after 7 days and that's it!


>I hope I helped a little bit!

I posted my[entry for the Artstorm contest #69 - Trolls] and freewrite in one with @actifit.

**4:30 pm**

On my way to the busstop. The kid arrived but did not text me.

It is dry and the sun shows itself for a second.

Make dinner for the bus-kid, me and the youngest already ate.

Answered and read a bit.

Tried to contact Tele2. Each time I call they tell me the number I call does not exist. The personal chat was with the most stupid bot one can have. It finally gave me its collegae which was the most stupid human plus she could not read. What a waste of energy. Since they have the worst customerservice in the world I will dump them as soon as I have nother provider.

If you send Tele2 an email you have to wait 30 days for an answer! Thirty days!

Baked some pancakes (water, oatsmeal and flour).

Too late to recommend a freewrite, the post is already made. Thought this would be done on Fridays.

Last post of the day CCC- contest ["What means today to you?"].

I updated the contests running on @team-ccc.

**21:26 pm**

Way too late it is long past my bedtime.


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