The new crisis in Speech Freedom and some ways to avoid it

By Paraguanads | FreeSpeech | 21 Jan 2021

In times when speech freedom is threatened by the world power puppeteers, in need to break communicational paradigms, new alternatives has been born to be able to speak and express ourselves with the people in our circle.

Censorship in conventional social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) has become the daily bread of such platforms, where they no longer only use the reliable banhammer to suspend annoying users, but also apply other silencing techniques to those whose opinions are uncomfortable for their developers or sponsors, ending with a single click with the communicational essence of such platforms, to the point of spying and selling information about such users to large power schemes. See the case of Cambridge Analytica from Facebook to validate my thesis.


We, writers and readers of Publish0x, are more than aware of the existence of dozens of alternative communicational platforms to those offered by the establishment. One of them is Telegram Messenger, which has earned a place in the hearts and devices of all those users who receive cryptocurrencies as payment for their goods and services because Telegram, from the beginning, served as a great advertising aid for those crypto projects in which their developers did not have a sufficient budget to pay for advertising on Facebook or Twitter. Telegram made a name for itself, not only because of the above, but also because of the important fact that they do not sell your data to anyone, and give you the possibility of having fully encrypted chats where you can share sensitive information without fear of others seeing it.

Another communication option that has emerged in recent weeks is the Signal messaging platform, which allows you to communicate freely and securely with anyone in the world. While it is true that Telegram has been around longer and is much more developed than Signal, the latter option has some advantages that Telegram does not have, namely:

- Possibility to manage calls, SMS and MMS with the application: if this option is activated, all calls, SMS and MMS will pass through Signal's secure server before reaching your eyes, providing complete security to the communication and avoiding espionage by external agents (government, advertising agencies, hackers, among others).


- Incognito keyboard: many people don’t know the advantages of having their phone keyboard in incognito mode, and at the same time they do not know that every keystroke they press from their phones is recorded by the keyboard and sent to the servers of the creator of the keyboard (I will place Google as an example in this case).


You, who are a Google keyboard user, haven't you wondered why and how they do to know what you are sometimes thinking and/or about to type? This has happened to me countless times, and that is why I decided to take the reins of the security of my data and what I share with the services.

- Recommended by the Tech mogul Elon Musk: unlike Telegram (which has nothing wrong with it), rocket and electric vehicle designer Elon Musk supported in his Twitter the use of Signal as a communication tool given the censorship and spying that have been exacerbated in recent weeks. Another compelling reason to use this platform.

In reference to the massive social networks, another very striking option has been born, in accordance with the universal principles of freedom of expression. That platform is called Gab, and was created by Andrew Torba, a young American religious entrepreneur who prepared that platform for years for the mass exodus of social networks that is currently taking place. Gab is a fresh, innovative platform, very similar to the ones we use conventionally (Twitter and Facebook) but combined.


On Gab, you will have full freedom to express yourself without being censored and you also have the possibility to pay a PRO plan (yes, you can use Bitcoin for that) to have more advantages on the account (verification, possibility to add links in your biography, uploading of larger files, community recognition for your contribution, among other things). It's worth taking a look. I personally was delighted with it and how quickly it has been improved.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article that I wrote with much love and responsibility, and I invite you to try the platforms that I mention here so that you can enjoy one of the greatest human rights that exists: your privacy.

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