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By Freelancer76 | Freelancer76 | 19 Apr 2021


If you have not yet started DeFi farming, you should definitely check out Harvest #HARVEST on Binance Smart Chain #BSC and become a #BinanceFARMer today! 

What is Harvest?

For any crypto beginners, harvest is a cooperative of farmers pooling resources together in order to earn DeFi yields.
When farmers deposit, Harvest automatically farms the highest yields with these deposits using the latest farming techniques.


Why Harvest?

There are a lot of DeFi options out there, one might say! So why Harvest?
Well, because these guys automate farming by doing regular harvesting of crops on over 30 different farms!
There are a lot of 3 digit APY farming pairs to chose from, you heard that right guys!
Manual farming is very expensive because gas prices are really high, so Harvest have also saved over $27m in gas costs for users via automation.


Check out the introduction video here:




What are the token economics for FARM?

FARM holders receive cashflow as described in the section above.
Circulating supply at launch: 0.
FARM has a current circulating supply of 631,413.
FARM has a total supply over 4 years of 690,420.
Harvest was completely bootstrapped, with no VCs and no premine.


How about security?


Harvest is also audited by some top notch auditing companies like Certik and Haechi Audit, you can check their reports here:
You can check out their website for more info and a lot of useful links:
If you have any doubts, do join their socials and ask your question there!
So that is about it, tell me what do you think about Harvest guys in the comments below!
Best Regards, Freelancer76

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