The Coins I’m Watching Closely as Crypto Values Continue to Fall

I’m not an investment professional, and you probably wouldn’t want to take investment advice from someone who is down as much as I am on my current crypto investments (although I think this is true for anyone who just got into the cryptocurrency market in 2021). However, there are reasons I have been watching a few coins very closely. In fact, these three coins, in particular, share the same influential investor…


If you didn’t know that Coinbase is an investor in the crypto market, here is a link to their current ventures. You may be relieved to find that many of the cryptocurrencies you are currently holding are on this list. So the giant (and public) crypto company has a vested interest in making sure these coins survive, even if the bear market lasts longer than any of us would like.

Here are three of Coinbase’s ventures that I will be picking up on the way down.


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If you have spent any time researching crypto, you know what MATIC is. This coin is a massive player in the cryptocurrency worlds of DeFi, NFTs, dApps, and DAO. Polygon (MATIC) is a layer two side chain, helping take some of the ridiculous load off of the Ethereum chain.

UTILITY: What makes MATIC a good investment is that it is a coin that actually accomplishes something, even now. And that utility increases wildly when ETH 2.0 goes live sometime in the next couple of years. While ETH 2.0 increases the scalability of the original chain, it only improves by a fraction of what is needed. Layer two side chains like Polygon will actually propel ETH into the future.

INVESTORS: Besides Coinbase, billionaire Mark Cuban is also a significant player in the Polygon chain. You’ll find the company listed on his website The fact is that there are billions of reasons Polygon isn’t going anywhere.

PRICE: At under 75 cents, it seems like a steal. I’m watching for the 50 cents level as a basement for a more significant buy-in.


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#2 UMA

If you are not familiar with this coin, UMA stands for Universal Market Access. The purpose of this coin is to provide easy access to crypto trading without a broker - thereby making crypto work more like a currency and less like a stock. It is an open-source means of trading between two parties using smart contracts. It is based on the Ethereum chain.

UMA is another one of Coinbase’s ventures, and they are the biggest investor in place. UMA has more than $100 million locked in smart contracts as of this writing, and 11 projects are using UMA to build synthetic assets.

PRICE: UMA is currently at about $7.50. I’m setting my limit buys at $5.


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#3 The Graph

GRT is powering data in the cryptocurrency world, making it possible for anyone to provide data access through subgraphs. Those who support the project are rewarded with GRT, incentivizing the growth of the project. The data can be obtained rapidly, safely, and accurately. The Graph already supports some of the most essential networks, including Ethereum and Polygon.

PRICE: At under 50 cents, GRT is primed for a buy-in. I’m setting a limit order at 45 cents and another at 30 cents since I don’t think we are at the end of the bear market yet.


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MATIC, UMA, and GRT images are via

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