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Covid-19 death statistics ARE manipulated

By Aerials | Freedom Path | 27 Apr 2020

I wonder how many people here, in America, and out there in the world actually believe the statistics and other information that we are still being fooled by through the official news channels. 

In case you STILL don’t know, a number of doctors and other medical professionals have admitted or spoken out openly about the CDC recommendation to use the approved way of raising false Covid-19 death statistics.

I am very grateful to those medical professionals who risk their livelihood and their careers in order to tell us the truth. 

What is this about? I am sure that many of you have noticed how they write in articles and state in different news channels that “people died after testing positive for Covid.”

This wording has been approved by those who are in power. It means exactly what it says - a particular person died AFTER TESTING POSITIVE. However, it DOES NOT mean that he or she died from Covid.

Nowadays anyone who goes into the hospital can be tested for Covid, and many will test positive because the antibodies, particles, or the coronavirus itself is present in many people, just like Streptococcus is present in many people, but they are not sick with it. 

Now, if that person in the hospital dies from cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes, etc., and they tested positive for Covid, this is what you will hear: this person died after testing positive for Covid! This is it - this person is now officially a part of Covid statistics.

I urge you all to be attentive. Official news channels suck, but so do many of the “conspiracy” channels. We have to be careful with every kind of information, no matter where it comes from.

I honestly hope that people aren’t taking these statistics data voiced on TV seriously. There are many sources you can research that will explain why this data is WRONG. They can manipulate the numbers so easily and make those numbers fit any desired agenda. It’s like playing a game, a real-life, real-time big human social world game, and most of us are just pawns it its complicated game-world. But who says pawns can’t learn or transform along the way? 

Again, I am very grateful to all the medical workers who DARED to speak about this. It was there, in the open, staring at all of us all along, but when there is panic, most people lose the ability of critical thinking and just run along with the crowd (herd). 

PS. And yes, you can thumb me down all you want, but this is the f*** freedom of speech, folks. 

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My name is Araksa. I am a freelance writer and a martial artist.

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