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A simple Matrix reality post - again

By Aerials | Freedom Path | 31 Mar 2020

Here is a philosophical definition of reality: Existence that is absolute, self-sufficient, or objective, and not subject to human decisions or conventions. The origin: Late 15th century, via French from late Latin realis 'relating to things', from medieval Latin realitas.

My attention goes to the philosophical definition as it touches upon a notion that strongly affects my existence in this world as a social human being and as a spiritual entity.

What is the objective existence?

Many of the things we, humans, believe in and hold as true, result from a multitude of agreements we have made in order to survive as a species. We decided to believe that things are the way they are. This is the key to our understanding each other, being able to communicate, make and obey rules, build things, and live in a relatively harmonious world where, despite lots of violence, misunderstanding, and emotional traumas, people manage to survive as a whole.

Our agreements on what is real hold the society together like a sophisticated glue. Let the agreements go, and our social structure would most likely collapse. Most people see Chaos as a bad thing because it threatens the existence of the established ways of thinking and doing things. I think this is the reason why we so tightly hold on to our notions of what is truly real in this world. These beliefs we agreed upon, these notions we hold as true and instill in our children keep our world together, making it appear as a relatively comfortable, secure, predictable, and familiar place. Our reality is important to us. Shake it, change it, challenge it – and the comfort is gone. Who really likes to get out of the comfort zone and how far do these adventurous souls dare to go?

There is a theory circulating out there which states that we, humans, are merely cattle “milked” by some superior conscious beings who hold us as slaves. Our belief systems are installed by them into our brain, and our perception of reality has nothing to do with the actual state of things in the universe. Our principles, morals, dreams, and fears are influenced by them. They feed on us, and it is beneficial for them that we believe we are free. It is easier to manipulate a slave who doesn’t know he is a slave. Chicken in the hennery have no idea that the outside world exists. They are convinced that the space allotted to them is the only real thing, and they are busy laying eggs, eating, procreating, and fighting for a better, warmer spot in their chicken universe. Are we, people, that much different? There are many tools in our society to keep us numb, clueless, and compliant.

Can you guess what some of those tools are?

I don’t know if this theory is true, but I do know that the tools of manipulation and mind control do exist. I also know that most of us are “sleeping”. We live in very interesting times though. Some say we are at the very bottom now. Name it - subliminal messages, mind control, poisons and toxins in our food and water, greed wars, corrupted governments, bullshit TV.

Some esoteric people believe that the vibrational shift did happen in 2012, and now, at this very moment, more and more people are awakening. According to all these spiritual people, we are on our way towards higher consciousness, inner harmony and unity with nature, true spiritual freedom, clean bodies, exceptional abilities and superpowers.

I argue, however, that things haven't changed much. I know nothing of "vibrational shifts" and such, I don't do esoteric stuff, I don't look into crystal balls and I don't do group meditations (although I might try them one day). I do know this: the system we all are a part of is VERY CLEVER and CONVINCING. It is so sophisticated that it can easily put thousands of people on "spiritual paths" and persuade them that they are doing the right thing and that "everything is going to be ok". Honestly, I wish it would be true, but... I feel it is my duty to remind us all that for those who do get close to gaining back control of their lives, bodies, and minds, nothing is pleasant or simple. When people get "too close" to getting out of the hennery and actually stepping outside of the box, THEY BECOME NOTICEABLE. What does the system do when it notices that one element of it is not doing its job right or suddenly get out of place? Right! It does everything it can to put it back into its proper place.

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My name is Araksa. I am a freelance writer and a martial artist.

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