Stop Voting: Your first step toward freedom

My first vote was for the Libertarian Candidate Harry Browne in 1998. I was excited because the other Presidiential candidates didn't address any of my concerns or come close to my personal views.

"Why do we put people in prison for possesion of plants?".

"Why can't I plan my own retirement?."

"Why does the government need so much of my money?."

"Isn't this just a bunch of people stealing from each other?"

I didn't realize how much of a minority view I held, because I was young and silly. Most people think these things are OK. They prefer the government control your finances, what you can put into your body, and anything and everything really. There seems to one theme that all voters have, and that is other peoples stuff should be theirs.

After voting a couple of times, I suddenly became embarrassed. It occurred to me that all votes were equal, and not in a good way. My vote, which entailed literally weeks of researching issues, candidates, and listening to everything I could was equal to:

    The 18 year old girl who thought the handsome candidate should win.

The activist who sent in her grandma's absentee ballot for her, even though grandma doesn't know who she is anymore.

The Republican who votes down the list because it has a "R" beside the name.

The Democrat who votes down the list because it has a "D" beside the name.

The tax the rich people voter. The tax the poor people voter.

How much time had I wasted?! Why am I associating myself with this lot? I was lowering myself and my standards. I could have learned a language, taken classes, practice guitar, spent more time sleeping. All these things would have been better than voting!

So I encourage everyone. Stop voting. Your wasting your time. Spend your time doing something productive that could actually make a difference in yours and others lives.  Use Bitcoin to hire someone. Use Ether to buy things. Use Tron to do whatever Tron does :) , this is voting with your actions and wallets. It is the only vote that really counts.

I linked George Carlin's standup about voting if you have never seen it. Hilarious and mostly true. It's in the resources, because wisdom comes from everyone.

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Howard Roark is a fictional character from "The FountainHead" by author Ayn Rand. He has come to life to share his infinite wisdom with the world.

Freedom From Violence
Freedom From Violence

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