Bar owner Bans superstitious mask use

By howardroark | Freedom From Violence | 27 Sep 2020

I wanted to share this because it's time for more business owners to do it.

The only way to stop them, is to stop doing what they tell you. Masks don't stop cold viruses, they never have. It's why you guys, at least in the west, don't ever remember wearing masks in the past during flu or cold season. ( Even if they worked, who's face is it? It's yours. It's your face). In london there are protest going on. Another great sign

The bar owner even used the correct term "believe in them" indicating it takes faith to think masks actually work and have a basis in peer reviewed true science.

If you think you found a study that shows that the public wearing masks prevents viral infection.....,you haven't. No such study even exists. The first thing they would need to know is how the virus is actually spread before dispensing medical advice. Right?. Well? How is it spread? So I did a censored, tell them what we want them to know, Google search and I found these on the first page:

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.

That is from the cdc's website.

Anyone see what i see? the word "thought". You know what that means? They don't know. In science, and in real life, words matter. "I thought Mom was with  you!". The word thought means exactly that.

Experts believe the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person.

That is from webmd

Almost worded the same, but with the word "believe" instead of "thought". That sounds even worse. And of course the word believe means exactly that. Also a footnote here. Notice that the virus isn't covid-19. These are separate terms. Yet another confusing aspect.

Sometimes, a person can trace how they got the virus because they know that they've been in contact with someone who's sick. In other cases, the cause is unknown. Community spread is when someone gets the virus without any known contact with a sick person.

Another one from Webmd

So they "think" and they "believe" and sometimes you don't even have to come into contact with people at all!? The cause is unknown. That's almost purposely confusing, is purposely confusing. If they don't know how it's actually spread, then it all falls apart.

  There is general rule in the libertarian, decentralization, classic liberal school of thought.  Good ideas do not need to be forced on you by a government. Good ideas are followed by people because they make sense, and it benefits them.  If Masks were a good idea, you would have bought them for your families every flu season. Last year.....the year before that....the year before that.....the year before that......the year before that....

Did you? Off course not. Because up to about 6 months ago the CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, You family Doctor, and every study ever done on masks showed they were ineffective for the public against respiratory viruses. Even surgical masks have been shown to be pointless during surgery.

(Note: these studies were done before the pandemic, so you can be more confident that they didn't experience any political or financial pressure, at least for the current situation. I can find a dozen more from all over the world .)

    Wearing masks is voodoo. Doctors wear scrubs and masks, like a witch doctor dresses up to do a spell. It's all for presentation.



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Howard Roark is a fictional character from "The FountainHead" by author Ayn Rand. He has come to life to share his infinite wisdom with the world.

Freedom From Violence
Freedom From Violence

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