6% of USA covid deaths are from the virus alone

By howardroark | Freedom From Violence | 20 Sep 2020

  A couple of weeks ago the CDC updated it's numbers to show that only about 6% of the total deaths in the United States were "from"  the virus by itself.


Of course both sides of the same political coin start in on each other.



Fact check org makes me laugh out loud because, Hey how do you disagree with people who have the monopoly on facts? No need to read anything else! Just go there.

Critical thinkers don't need any of these sites. Just the data.(if you can even believe that). Before this data even came out I posted https://www.publish0x.com/freedom-from-violence/how-many-covid-19-deaths-are-fake-xolrmol

  Nothing has really changed except I find there are even more instances of fraud, and false testing than I thought.


They are literally covering up GOOD results. They want this to go on forever. It's time to wake up sleepy heads, You guys on this platform seem to understand just how corrupt centralized banking and government control over your money actually is, but at the same time actually believe the WHO, CDC, and other corrupt centralized health data.

The health care system is just as corrupt as the monetary system. The underlying truth of any centralized power system is that it attracts the lies, the incompetent, and the power hungry.


The Mississippi State Department of Health, however, "demands" that anyone who has a positive coronavirus test at the time of their death is reported as a "covid death" without acknowledging the fact that "many of them were terminal prior to a [positive] test]," Pounder said.

  I know this coroner is correct, because I have seen one of my patien...... hrrmp.... I mean my  "friend's" patients, go through rounds and rounds of chemo, die, and then get tested for covid and then , of course, it is listed as a possible cause of death. 

My very own nephew had strep throat for 2 weeks, because the doctors tested him for covid FIRST. Why? Strep Throat is easy to diagnose and actually has an ACCURATE test. There was no reason to test him for covid.


I guess the left leaning "Atlantic" didn't get the memo early enough,( this is a fear campaign), they accidentally did some journalism. Mixing tests together is a big "no no". Then again who needs accurate testing?

  Basically, Healthy people don't die from this virus, and those with multiple conditions probably didn't either, or at least it's near impossible to prove. So why did we shut down? Now that the media and your local mayor have tasted the power, reigning them in may be impossible.

There is no real pandemic. There is certainly not a "deadly" virus. And I know for a fact, that science and proper procedural testing  were thrown out a long time ago. Be afraid., not of the virus, but of the idiots who are now in power and the mindless automatons that hang on their every word.

It is important that people here understand that decentralization is important for everything, not just for finance. PublishOX is showing a World Health Organization Banner at the top of some health posts, like you are a child needing guidance. Maybe they should start showing a link to the Federal Reserve and the treasury at the top of every Bitcoin post? "Bitcoin isn't money, trust us we are bankers".



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Howard Roark is a fictional character from "The FountainHead" by author Ayn Rand. He has come to life to share his infinite wisdom with the world.

Freedom From Violence
Freedom From Violence

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