Candy machine and diamonds

Diamonds & Candy - Get a FREE EBook, NFT and More

Turn candy into books, NFTs or a percentage off your next purchase from a selection of retailers. Do you often check the crypto charts daily to find out what the price of your favorite crypto is at? Why not pick up a few freebies on the way?

Do you suffer from a known illness known as "Diamond Hands"? Diamond hands is when you cannot bring yourself to hit that sell button even when the market is under great selling pressure. Today I will show you how to use those beautiful diamond hands of yours to pick up some free diamonds from CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap Diamonds

CoinMarketCap has recently introduced a new system to collect "Diamonds" which will be used in the near future in their rewards program. They will be offering NFTs, merchandise and more which you can exchange your Diamonds for similar to Coingecko Candy which I will explain furthur in this article. If you haven't already, sign up for a CoinMarketCap account here.

CoinMarketCap offers plenty of information on current crypto prices, news and even has quizzes where you can earn some free crypto. Once you signed up for your account and logged in head on over to the "My Diamonds" tab, learn more  here.

You can collect your first Diamonds right away then you will have to wait for the timer to finish before collecting more. In the near future you will be able to purchase many different merch, NFTs and other goodies from their rewards program. Don't forget to check if you have Diamonds available to claim everyday!

Coingecko Candy

Many of you probably already use this platform to check your portfolio's price or to check a certain crypto listing price. Did you know they have a rewards system called "Coingecko Candy"? If you haven't signed up, do it right away here. Once logged in and ready to claim your sweets, click on the candy jar icon on the top right corner of the screen. These act as a way to purchase NFTs, Ebooks, percentage off purchases and even get a premium membership to the site with a percentage taken off. Candy acts very similar to the Diamonds from CoinMarketCap as I explained earlier in the article. Claim some right away and then wait until the cooldown timer to get some more and don't forget to check back.

Have you heard of either of these functions on these platforms yet? Have you used these to purchase anything from the rewards program yet? I know this doesn't necessarily count as free crypto however who would pass up on a few freebies? Let me know what you think about Diamonds and Candy below!

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