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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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16 Faucets for FREE Crypto

So you're looking to fill up your wallet with free crypto? Here is a list of great earning opportunities. Many faucets on this list do have direct withdraw options but meeting the minimum requirements for those could take a while. Using a wallet from FaucetPay makes withdraws instant and with reduced fees. Sing up for Faucetpay here.

Let's get started but first I would suggest you use the browser Brave for your daily earnings. If you're already using Brave then skip down to the next paragraph for the first faucet. Using Brave allows you to accumulate BAT or Basic Attention Token within the browser. Make sure you run through the settings after installing, disable auto-contribute if you don't want all your BAT donated to your most visited sites. I reccomend doing this manually as doing it automatically can empty your earnings very quickly. Another option to look for is the amount of ads you receive hourly, crank that up to maximum.

1. Coin Payz

Coin payz is an excellent daily earnings website with paid to click links, faucet, and shortlinks available for earning crypto. Check this site daily because there is a bonus multiplier for signing in everyday which adds up. If you have any questions or concerns the admin is very helpful and will answer anything in the chat. When you're claiming shortlinks it is best to open more than one at a time as they usually start with a timer so you can be more efficient. Make sure to claim your achievements as well!

2. Bitdaily

Bitdaily is very similar to all the faucets in this list but a little more simplified and with less features compared to Coinpayz. Bitdaily is a great way to get free crypto every single day. Again when you're claiming the shortlinks it is more time efficient to open more than one at once.

3. Coinoto

Coinoto has three available cryptos for withdraw you can get Doge, Bitcoin and Tron. Similar to the aforementioned faucets on this list, Coinoto has a very similar design and functionality.

4. Ethereum Earner Club

This faucet is great for obtaining a few gwei fast. Simply complete the PTC ads, shortlinks and achievements every day and send the ETH to your Faucetpay account. If you do not have Meta Mask installed for ETH on Faucetpay, use your email associated to your Faucetpay account instead of the wallet address.

5. Coinfly

Claim tokens and withdraw to bitcoin, similar to the other faucets. Since most of the faucets listed here are very similar in design and functionality I will now be listing them without any comments.

6. Crypto Faucet

7. Mongbits


8. Coincet


9. Payou


10. Money Faucet Pro


11. Mix Faucet


12. DGB Faucet


13. Feyorra Top


14. Claim TRX


15. Neo bits


16. ClickDaily


In conclusion there are many faucet sites to earn Satoshi and other crypto and I will be posting more sites in the future.
Keep in mind to do your own research before investing into anything. You can purchase advertisement space on these sites and sometimes convert your earnings into credits which are almost always impossible to switch back.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comments and let me know your experience with these faucets.

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