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10 Ways to Get FREE Doge Instantly

Want to get some free Doge to start out your crypto portfolio? Today I will be listing a few great instant withdraw faucet sites that offer free Doge. You can visit each of these sites daily for you free dose of Doge. Please keep in mind you must first set up a faucetpay account in order to use these faucets. You can sign up for Faucetpay using this link:

I will be making an in-depth article which outlines the many benefits of signing up for a Faucetpay account in the future so keep an eye out. Keep in mind the minimum Doge withdrawal for Faucetpay at the moment is 60 Doge with a fee of 5.0. If you would rather have your crypto in your wallet on blockchain or cold storage without having to wait for the minimum withdraw check the end of this article on how to withdraw without having to wait for so long. Without further ado let's jump right on into the Instant withdraw faucets for Doge.

1. Doge ATM

Doge ATM is an instant withdraw faucet so no more  waiting for a minimum withdraw to get your Doge off the site. To get started simply enter your Doge deposit address located from in the "Deposit" tab of the dashboard. Once you have successfully pasted your deposit address into the sign in field scroll down and complete the "prove you are human" link and complete the captcha. If you are getting a page that says "Please disable adblock" try refreshing the page and make sure you have adblock disabled for the page. Proceed to complete the rest of the captchas before you can withdraw from the site. Currently the rates for this faucet are:
0.0035 (94%), 0.0070 (3%), 0.0104 (2%), 0.0348 (1%) DOGE every 60 minutes.

2. Instant-Doge Win

Once again the requirements for this faucet and the rest on this list are your Doge deposit address located on Faucetpay. Once you have pasted your Doge address into the sign in field simply hit "Login" followed by "Continue". Fill out the CAPTCHA and you will be redirected to another page, just press "Continue". If you get redirected to an advertisement just press back quickly and try again. Once you have waited for the countdown timer to finish press the button that shows up. Once again if any additional advertisements popup just hit the back button. At the writing of this article this faucet pays 125000 Dogetoshi every 5 minutes.

3. Crypto Directories DOGE Faucet

Claim up to 4 Doge every 5 minutes with this faucet and instantly withdraws to your Faucetpay account. Hopefully at this point you get how these faucets work. Insert your Doge deposit address, complete the captcha to get your free DOGE. These will be the steps to claim from most faucets on this list of not all of them. Once again if you get any advertisement pop ups just press the back button on your browser to close them.

4. Konstantinova

This particular faucet's payout fluctuates with the price of Doge. Currently at the writing of this article this faucet pays 0.0014 DOGE every 5 minutes. You can earn a 100% reward on top if you press the 100% button and solve a captcha after waiting for a timer. Proceed to the "Login" button to claim your free Doge! The following couple faucets are very similar in design and steps to claim to this faucet.

5. Herena Space Dogecoin Faucet

Enter your Doge address in the field and you can claim at a 50% extra rate by tapping the 50% button. This particular faucet has a maximum of 10 claims per day at 5 minute intervals. Check out the recent payouts below for proof of payment.

6. Xfaucet

This faucet is very similar to the last few faucets on this list so I am not going to guide you through it. This site does a decent job at explaining how to claim as well. If you are having any troubles with any of these please let me know in the comments.

7. Faucet Asia

Easy and fast faucet to claim from, exactly as the previous faucets. Enter Doge deposit address, hit claim button, profit!

8. Doge Junkie WARNING: May Contain NSFW Advertising!

I am not endorsing any advertisement within any of these faucets. If you are not comfortable with any explicit advertisement please avoid this site. Once again works as previously mentioned faucets on this list.

9. Satoshibrary

This one is a little different from the previous faucets listed on this list. Satshibrary rather is a list itself of a plethora of faucets and is not one faucet itself.

10. Dogebuzz

Dogebuzz offers some new features compared to the previous faucets with a premium subscription service. Always look into the sites before purchasing anything and remember to Do Your Own Research. Some rates for free users for using this faucet are:

Up to 0.1 Doge per claim, unlimited time so no waiting in between claims. 35% Referral bonus on claims. Ofcourse there is no minimum for withdraw to Faucetpay.

If you know of any more faucets that pay out in Doge and don't require a minimum to withdraw please let me know in the comments. I will be adding onto this list in the future  so please check back once in a while to find more great Dogecoin faucets! If you find a link is no longer working or the site is now offline please let me know and I will do my best to replace it or update it right away.

Withdraw Quickly From Faucetpay Easily

So you have accumulated a few Doge into your account and are now looking to withdraw it to an exchange or to your personal wallet for cold storage. I know the required withdraw from faucetpay kind of defeats the whole "instant withdraw" concept of this list. Fear not because I have found a workaround to this implication. Simply head to the "Trade" section of Faucetpay in the "hamburger" menu and tap "Coin Swap". From here you can swap your Doge to Zcash which only has a minimum withdrawl of 0.00001000 and a fee of 0.00000500. This is how you can withdraw your crypto if you are not up for accumulating so many coins. You can check out the charges and minimum withdraw page here: as it may change in the future.

Keep in mind there is a small fee for swapping your Doge to Zcash incase you were wondering why you have less in your total value. After setting up your exchange address in the settings you can send your Zcash to an exchange that accepts it and swap it there into Doge or whatever crypto you desire. This is my secret to accumulating free Doge and crypto using and Doge faucets. Thank you for reading my article and good luck claiming from faucets!

Fun fact: The first Bitcoin faucet was created to introduce people into crypto and gave away 5 whole bitcoin!

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