Why you shouldn't miss Cointiply's Spring Event

By LadyAlexis | freecryptotime | 20 Mar 2021

Currently, Cointiply runs one of the largest events, again. The Spring Event!

In every season, Cointiply runs a such event where you'll benefit heavily.

In this Spring Event are waiting 7% BONUS on top of your earnings. Plus, participate in huge MASSIVE Rain Pools with rewards greater than 1,000 Coins!

Besides that, Cointiply also runs a contest where you can either win a Macbook M1 Pro or $50 in Coins on Cointiply.


If you're so thrilled like me, I'll reveal you two secret tips you should definitely follow when earning coins on Cointiply:

1. Tip: Do Offers & Surveys

Do as many surveys & offers as you can. These rewards the most coins than anything else you'll find on Cointiply.

For example, doing YourSurveys gives you 6,125 coins without bonuses. With bonuses, you get additional 428 coins on top.

Don't forget to equip items to maximize much more...

2. Tip: Equip Items & Buy Pods

Well, you may question now what are items or pods. You can find these also on Cointiply but it's honestly really hidden (You can find it under Dashboard and Your Inventory or Buy Pods). Items boost your earnings by 2%, 3% or even more on top of you earnings. By encompassing the spring event, you can easily earn additional 15% bonuses (or more :) on top.


Thank you for reading this post!

If you haven't signed up for Cointiply, reigster here.

Want to join Cointiply's spring contest, join here freely.

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