Earn UMA on Coinbase Earn (+ Quiz Answers)

By LadyAlexis | freecryptotime | 27 Mar 2021

Hey folks!

Coinbase just launched another campaign where you can earn Universal Market Access. 

Hereby, you have to watch three videos and solve three quizzes. For each quiz you solved correctly, you will receive $2 in UMA into your Coinbase account.


Want to Earn UMA?

Simply join Coinbase.com and pass the KYC for the Earn program if you need it. Upon joining for the UMA campaign, you may be put on a waitlist.

You can find the link of the campaign here.


Quiz Answers for UMA


1. Question: UMA lets developers create what type of financial product ...

Answer: Derivatives


2. Question: Which network participants help UMA solve the oracle problem

Answer: Liquidators and disputers


3. Question: Which of these can be used to create a derivative on UMA?

Answer: All of these answers are correct! 

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