Earn Passive Income By Sharing Your Bandwidth

By LadyAlexis | freecryptotime | 23 Mar 2021

Ever dreamt of making money with little to no effort? Then IPRoyals Pawns might be the solution to your answer.


What is IPRoyal Pawns?

IPRoyal Pawns is a website which allows you to earn a side income by sharing your internet bandwidth.

All you need to do is to install the software (available for Windows and Mac) and log in. You will start earning your first cents immediately within the first minutes.



Is It Really Safe To Use?

Of course, it's safe to use. Sharing your bandwidth does not really expose any risks. Consumers or businesses who has access to your bandwidth are strictly controlled by the admins of IPRoyal. They need to pass the KYC procedure in order to access your bandwidth. Besides, the admins monitor any incoming/outcoming traffic of IPRoyal, so you don't really have to worry if someone abuses your network.

Furthermore, IPRoyal Pawns is transparent concerning who uses your bandwidth.


Also, the software provided by IPRoyals is also safe to use. See below the scan.



How Much I Earned In 20 Days

In just 20 days, I earned $1.20 (~ 1.01€) and just withdrew them to PayPal.


If you think this is really low, then I have some good news. There are actually people out there who are earning $4 a week with IPRoyal Pawns solely for running the application.

Dozen of users already posted in their Discord channel how much they've earned with them. And, believe me, $1 is personally the minimum you can earn there.

Convince yourself by joining into the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/2mfKFTY9.


Also, you can withdraw your money from IPRoyal Pawns as low as $1 for PayPal. For Bitcoin, you need minimum $5.


My Final Thoughts

IPRoyal Pawns is a great way to build a small passive income while doing something else, like home-office things or playing games. 

I continue to use IPRoyal Pawns for the next payout from them and I'm thrilled to see some more releases from their side, like launching their Android application.


Excited? Join IPRoyal Pawns Now!

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