Earn FIO on Coinmarketcap Earn (Quiz Answers Attached)

By LadyAlexis | freecryptotime | 15 Apr 2021

After months of silence at Coinmarketcap Earn, they launched a few days ago a new campaign where they distribute FIO Protocol Tokens.

All you need to do is to watch four videos and answer seven questions.


What is CoinMarketCap Earn?

CoinMarketCap Earn is the same as Coinbase Earn where they'll let reward users if they watch videos & answer related questions for a particular token.

To be eligible to participate into CoinMarketCap Earn, you need a CoinMarketCap account as well as a KYC-verified Binance account.

Moreover, this campaign isn't available for every country, take a look in the CMC Campaign terms for more information.


To find this campaign, just follow this link: https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/project/fio-protocol


Quiz Answers For FIO Protocol


Question: What is the FIO Protocol?

Answer: A service-layer solution that makes sending, receiving and even requesting cryptocurrency joyful and easy to do across all blockchains


Question: What does the FIO Protocol replace the need for?

Answer: Long and complicated public keys


Question: What can the FIO Protocol be used for?

Answer: All of the above


Question: The FIO Protocol enables…

Answer: All of the above


Question: What is the FIO Token used for?

Answer: All of the above


Question: What is a FIO Address?

Answer: A customized, unique human-readable wallet name and NFT


Question: FIO Domains such as @domain...

Answer: All of the above


Unlike in other campaigns, you must create a FIO wallet. (see last question)


Thank you for your time!



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