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By MBouju | FreeCrypt0tips | 7 Mar 2023

RollerCoin is an online gaming site that allows players to earn crypto currencies by playing simple games such as arcade games. The play-to-earn concept means that you can earn crypto currencies by playing rather than buying the crypto currencies directly.

The site uses its own crypto-currency, called RollerCoin token (ROC), which can be used to purchase virtual items such as miners to increase your mining power, accessories to customize your avatar, speed bonuses and more.

To start playing, you must create an account on the RollerCoin website [Here]. Once you have created an account, you can play games such as Flappy Rocket, Bitcoin Bounce and Token Blaster. Each time you play a game, you earn ROCs based on your performance.

The ROCs you earn can be used to purchase virtual items on the site or exchanged for other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In short, RollerCoin is a play-to-earn site that allows you to earn crypto currency by playing simple online games. The site uses its own crypto-currency, RollerCoin tokens (ROC), which you can use to purchase virtual items or trade for other crypto-currencies.

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