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YFX AMA is upcomming!

YFX is a trading platform provide up to 100x leverage to trade on BTC, ETH and other crypto assets support by ETH, Tron, BSC , Heco,OKEx Chain,Polkadot .By invent QIC-AMM, YFX provide high liquidity and low slippage.


Reward &Time:

 10 February, 2020 | 11 Am UTC
 75$ TRX – 3 Best Questions from Twitter
75$ TRX – 3 Best Questions on Q&A
 50$ TRX – 5 Quiz Winner
 TRX Rain And More.


So be ready! Research the project and prepare good questions!


 Here You Can See Full Post :

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AMA Guide:

  1. Introduction
  2. Twitter
  3. Live Q&A
  4. Quiz

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