Free 50$ in METAMUSK Token

By Adrian Kabat | FreeCash | 10 Dec 2021

Hello boys !

If you are interested in free tokens that can be fully received for free and cash them in, I have a METAMUSK token drop for you, payable to the TRUSTWALLET.

To receive the MetaMusk airdrop, we need to follow these steps. For this we need a Telegram, Twitter, YouTube and Smart Chain wallet address.

We go to this link to the bot on the telegram -- >

and we have to perform all the tasks that the bot will show us, first joining the group and the channel. Then like their channels on Twitter and then YouTube, then paste your address from the TRUSTWALLET smart chain.

If you like their media on Twitter and YouTube, you must enter your Twitter and YouTube username as this will be checked.

Up to 72 hours, 30,000,000 MetaMusk will be credited automatically to your TrustWallet. That's about $ 50, which you can exchange for Pancakeswap for BUDS and withdraw on Binance.


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