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You've Never Seen this Before - A Messenger without Limits!

By CED | Free thoughts_Creative writing | 29 May 2020

Instant Messengers have become an essential part of our lives, taking the stage from mails are other means of Communication. Instant Messengers have been in the spotlight for what feels as long as I can think back. From 2go to Facebook Messenger, to BBM, Telegram & WhatsApp and now DM sections on Instagram, Twitter and other social Media.

One would think that we've seen it all, all forms that messengers can take, given the almost excellent User Experience of those which reign over the market now. Ease of chatting, sending Voice Notes, Joining Groups or Communities, recent reply threads and all. This level really seemed tempting to tag the Zenith of what Messengers can be. Don't blame yourself, I almost fell for it too.

Well, I would've fallen completely for this illusion, if some new one didn't Hold me up.

One that both groups and channels are completely end to end encrypted - haha! Yea, I know you've heard that from all others before, but this is different. As a matter of fact, people are verified by other people via a vouching mechanism. So, for any person vouched for, on any group or Community that person is found, there's an identifier that hints you that this is the same person you vouched for. Of course! this is one application of the blockchain technology - using the messenger's tokens.

Vouch for User


This messenger is one that lets you earn while you chat or perform other activities within the App. In a sense, you're mining its tokens as you use the app. Your mining rate, which has a unit of its tokens per hour as you perform more activities within the App. There are also other tasks within the app one can complete to get rewarded plus an achievement "shelf" where all you've accomplished can be seen.

Chat Mining

Bots and  spams have done more harm than good, and almost the entire social media agrees. This is why this new-level or Next-generation instant messenger has decided to nickname itself "a messenger without BS (Bots&Spam)" and launch innovative functions, never seen before in this space to effectively combat both bots and Spam.

There's a feature which acts like a "wall" against Spammers, it requires users to Send tokens to the users to be messaged for the first time, if the user sets up the wall. Pretty nice right?!😊 This discourages bots and spam, as spamming becomes expensive for them.

For Groups or Channels Within this innovative Messenger, bots cannot come in, because it requires a person joining a community to lock some tokens down - fear not!😅 They are still yours, just Vaulted. Again this discourages bots & Spams. Each community has its own token requirements. Also within communities, those persons which a user have vouched for can be seen by the same identifier. Impersonators, I'm sorry - this is the end of the road for you.

General SenseChat Interface

Within Channels, comments and contributions can be rewarded by other users and the more "Pumped" your replies are the more visible they become, depending on how a user sorts through the comments. This messenger takes thread organisation to the next level.

Without doubt, you know this messenger I speak of utilises the blockchain technology, what you do not know is, it plans to be blockchain agnostic; allowing different tokens and coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum, to be sent from one user to another via the ID within the App.

Profile & ID

PS: Akoin is Already being tested on it. Yes! Yes!! The chat has partnered with Akon. Whop! Whop!!

Unlike it's previous version, from which a lot of experience was gained to build this new one, you can completely create an account for free without any cost.

If you've read through without skipping the suspense by Jumping to the end of this Article, I think you deserve the big reveal of what the name of this Messenger is, that would save us all from falling into the deceitful illusion that Messengers can't get better. Drumroll!!! It's no other than Sensechat!

Thanks to it, Now I stand in truth that Messengers can be better especially with the Blockchain technology, which is helping all industries move boundaries and break limits!

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