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By Eliseenkov | angelsplin crypto | 12 Jun 2020

The best part of this faucet is it's minimum withdrawal. This is only 500 coins (in 20-30 minutes you get them), and can be withdrawn in 13 different crypto coins (including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum). The minimum is equal to approximately 0.05 USD. So, if you need a place to get cryptocoins fast, this is your ideal place. Also, withdrawals are instantaneous to any wallet.

The ways to get these coins are entering every 40 minutes (19 coins), a daily bonus (40 coins), displaying a link (13 coins, usually 20 available every day) and displaying ads (13 coins, and usually the same amount of links, approximately).

Finally, a thing very good about this page is its level system: Basically, the more you claim, the more short links and ads you see, the more you level up, and for every level you go up, you get a 0.125% bonus on every coin you get from then on. That is, it becomes easier and easier to reach the minimum, day to day.

conclusion: it is one of the best faucets today and highly recommended.

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