Why You Should Accumulate Even a Small Amount of Satoshi (Bitcoin) From These Free Sites?

The year 2020 has been phenomenal for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. What many people thought was impossible is really happening in real life now. Here are my reasonings as to why you should try to earn every Satoshi you can for the next 10 years.

The price of the bitcoin grew more than 300% in 2020 alone. And many experts forecast it to go up dramatically once again in 2021 and upcoming years. A number of large financial institutions anticipate that the bitcoin price would reach $500,000 by end of 2021 and eventually over $1,000,000 at some point in the future.

Using a couple of websites everyday could earn you averagely 500 to 1000 Satoshi daily.

1. Betfury  -  You can earn 30 Satoshi every 20 mins till 01/05/2021 and 10 Satoshi every 20 mins thereafter.

2. freebitcoin  -  You get to roll a dice every hour and you can earn in the range of 4 Satoshi and 621667 Satoshi.

Let’s do simple math to find out the value of a Satoshi at different price points.

1 Satoshi is basically equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. It is the smallest unit in the world of bitcoin and people simply don't care much about a single Satoshi as its value is extremely low, not even $0.01.

At the current bitcoin price of about $32500:

1 Satoshi = $0.000325 meaning 100 Satoshi = $0.0325, 200 Satoshi = $0.065, and 300 Satoshi = $0.0975

It is not even a penny and who would care about it? But then how about if bitcoin reaches $100,000?

1 Satoshi = $ 0.001 meaning 100 Satoshi = $0.1, 200 Satoshi = $0.2, and 300 Satoshi = $0.3

Finally, let's try to figure out how much your free 200 - 300 Satoshi from the free sites would be worth when bitcoin reaches $1,000,000.

1 Satoshi = $0.01 meaning 100 Satoshi = $1, 200 Satoshi = $2, and 300 Satoshi = $3

I am pretty sure there are other sites that even allow you to earn more free bitcoins. Using those in addition to the two sites I mentioned would enable to earn you 10000 Satoshi a day easily, which could be worth $100 when bitcoin eventually reaches $1,000,000.

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Free Daily Passive Income with No Investment!

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