Passive income with HoneyGain

Passive income with HoneyGain

The week is almost and, so I think I begin with the easier-to-write from the two promised articles. So with describing HoneyGain. The second will be most likely tomorrow I still have some research to do for it. 

Well, that one wouldn't make You a billionaire, but... well such a way for passive income rather not existing. Perhaps excluding mining bitcoin about ten years ago... but even if time machines would exist You probably still have to be a billionaire to buy it...

What's HoneyGain?

So back to the point. HoneyGain is simply an app, which lets You get some cash while it's working - not big but, albo not worse than the majority of faucets. I think even better but that would require more precise calculations about faucets. This app can be downloaded and installed on Windows, macOS or Android. So, in general, You can use it both on Your desktop computer and mobile devices. Except if You have Linux, then I'm not sure if it is possible to use it. It works in the background, and as far as I noticed it doesn't slow down the computer. And I'm saying it having quite an old one, which I'm going to replace in - hopefully - not so far future. You have to register on the website (which can be used to track Your earnings), then You can have one account to earning on multiple devices(You have to log in to Your account on each of them).

How is it working? Is it safe?

The app pays You for access to Your unused internet connection(so it won't slow down Your online games or browsing the Internet). It uses it for research for e-commerce, advertising and web-intelligence companies - as their FAQ states. In other words: they are like a broker, which lets You rent Your internet connection and get money for it. Now that sounds a reasonable and believable business plan, something that really could work. And as my research shows it is. Also, I didn't see such mixed opinions like in the case of Golden-Farm (You can check my article on why it was a scam). So it seems safe. The payout rate is believable too. It's 1$ for 10GB of data. I can certainly believe that researchers or a company would pay a little bit more than that (the app creators surely have some margin). 

The amount of data used by Your Internet connection is counted with precise of at least hundredth part of MB. And You get 1 credit for every 10MB that manages to go through Your internet connection... well considering 1000 credits is worth 1$, that actually doesn't fully calculate with 1$ for 10GB. After all definition of gigabyte isn't 1000 megabytes (as prefix "giga-"(1,000,000,000*) is 1,000 times bigger than "mega-"(1,000,000)), because for bytes the step between the next units isn't 1000 but 1024. Though commerce sometimes uses 1000 for the calculations. That's (excluding some memory that has to be used for file system) is why when You buy let's say 3TB hard drive You actually get a hard drive with only 2,92TB of memory.

Anyway even if this miscalculation issue could slow down Your earnings it would be no more than 3%, so not a big deal.

Also, the company responsible for the app state's it doesn't collect any data from the user(and I didn't notice any information about it being a lie. Of course a powerful company could mute such voices but I'm not sure if it would be a point in doing so in their case even if they would be that powerful).

Payouts and my earnings

What's important to highlight here is that there is minimal payout - You can't withdraw less than 20$ (so 20,000 credits). So depending on Your internet connection You'll have to wait sometime to reach it. And the payout methods are PayPal and BTC. The second option seems to be with no fee, and Paypal one has 1$ +2%(just for US residents) fee. So bitcoin payouts seem better, but You have to remember it's a little bit risky. As they writ on their website: 

Bitcoin payouts are exchanged from USD to BTC and you will receive the exchanged sum in accordance with the exchange rate that was present during the time of payout confirmation.

So if the price will go up before confirmation You can get less bitcoins than You expected, so If You want more stable payout conditions then perhaps it is worth 1$ fee - the decision is up to You.

I didn't reach it yet but I don't exactly have the fastest Internet connection in the world. I started to use it on 1st January and installed it on my desktop computer, laptop and my smartphone(and I didn't notice any big difference in regard of battery usage). Since that time I give them about 6,22 gigabytes of my bandwidth, so I'm close to earning my first dollar in less than 10 days... well that's far from being impressive, but actually, it's really passive income - I didn't have to care about it at all. I just keep it running in the background, and that's all that was needed. Also, I noticed a high increase in my earning efficiency, as You can see below(today I already earn 0.14$ (counted till 0:00 UTC)): 


And there is a way to additionally speed it up a bit. There is one additional functionality in a mobile app and website called "Lucky Pot". You can open it once a day and get some credits, they claim You can get even 10,000 (10$) by that... but as You can guess chances are incredibly low. I did open it a few times and get 20 credits 3 or 4 times and twice 50 credits. Yeah, I didn't use all my chances, but even if I would it still is slow.

And there's one important thing I actually don't have to earn 20,000 credits... just 15,000. How? Well, I registered from the referral link, so I get 5000 credits for a start. If you'll use my referral link You'll get it too ;) I also will gain 10% of Your earning for that, but You lose nothing, and You get quite a decent starting bonus, so it's a mutual benefit. 

Final Thought - is it worth it?

The income isn't huge, it's quite small actually but as it just for something You are not using anyway and it actually doesn't require time at all (or just very little if You wanna use lucky pot) so it definitely is worth try, but it rather won't make any big difference in Your finances. But still bigger than most of the facets, with much less time needed.

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