The Most Popular Online Mining Simulator: RollerCoin, Lauched its Biggest Update Today + Reached 1.2 Million Users

This crypto game which allows you to earn BTC, ETH and DOGE by playing free games within its platform, has undoubtedly entered a new era  hinting that the project will continue to work for years to come.

RollerCoin recently celebrated its third year of uninterrupted operations and has had an astronomical rise during this 2021 year, having grown its userbase by over 400% during the last 4 months.

RollerCoin started  March with just over 300,000 users. Today, this entertaining and charismatic free-to-play, play-to-earn game which brings nostalgia to many players, has reached one million two hundred thousand (1,200,000) users and aims to continue attracting more players after today's update, and with it, it brings more opportunities for its users to generate crypto as well as new ways to encourage engagement and participation from its community. The older users of this platform had been waiting for a revolutionary update like the one lauched today, and RollerCoin delivered. 




In addition to the existing games which allow you to generate "mining power" (the more you play, the higher your crypto reward is), RollerCoin has just released its first season ever. The first season has been lauched today and will have a duration of 60 days. Throughout this season, weekly missions will be in place which will encourage players to remain active as they can earn points, level up and ultimately earn rewards after completing those missions. Season 1 offers 20 levels and each level reached offers a prize.


Prices for leveling up include miners, exclusive event miners, mining power boosts and other items just to name a few. Picture below:




In addition to the miners normally offered on the market, RollerCoin has expanded its market to offer daily discounts on miners and other items ranging from 20% and 50% off.

*Miners and items from the marketplace can be obtained using the native RollerCoin currency: RollerToken which can be farmed by playing free games or purchased through their platform* 

These miners are offered in limited quantities and only for a few hours, so that the user must be aware when a promotion is released if he or she wants to acquire one of them. These new updates implemented by RollerCoin offer added value to players as miners can be obtained for a fraction of what they previously cost.


RollerCoin is showing that it wants to remain the top online mining simulator platform and this update proves it as it creates a more sustainable and profitable economy for both parties: dedicated players and developers.


Sign up to RollerCoin and get 1,000 SAT (0.00001 BTC) for free when you use this link:




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