BitcoinMania, Bitcoin-Earning Game: Is Giving A Free Miner for New Players.

If you like the idea of ​​crypto games, keep an eye on this platform that is on the rise and will give you a free Bitcoin miner when you register for the first time.

BitcoinMania has been in the market for for over 6 months now. It has doubled its userbase in the last 2 months and it's about to hit 50,000 players. This is definitively a milestone to take into account, as we (many times) overlook these newer projects only to come accross and learn about them once they've become mainstream or popular. However, history has taught us that, when a platform is already "mainstream" (or famous) we are already behind, as players that believed in the project since the get-go have already positioned themselves and have a clear advantage compared to newcomers. Nowadays, with the rise of crypto and NFT games, it is wise to review them all and analyze if their model is sustainable.


BitcoinMania seems to be on the right track as it has been adding players and sponsors in recent weeks and has just surpassed the 6-month barrier in the market. Thanks to this, the platform has been able offer a free miner to anyone who registers for the first time, thus far.

Furthermore, less than 2 weeks ago BitcoinMania increased the production of the free miner by 25% as a way to celebrate its nearly 50,000 users. This step has also increased its popularity and continues to attract more players to join thr project.

BitcoinMania is a platform very similar to RollerCoin with its play-to-earn system, where you can play on the platform and generate cryptocurrency in the process.  Alternatively, you can also invest your own crypto to buy miners to speed up the process of getting more crypto revenue faster. And just like RollerCoin it aims to continue expanding at an accelerated pace in the coming months. The development of this platform has been taking place in a sustained way and according to planned by its creators; following the dates announced on their information channels such as its social media networks and Telegram groups. In the last month, the developers (delivering on their promises) released the third game on their platform that allows users to generate more Bitcoin (BTC) daily.


And although the BTC generated by the games can only be used to buy miners in the platform; this system allows the user to acquire miners and fill their mining room with miners that will ultimately generate BTC that can be withdrawn to the player's wallet.

* Acquiring miners, allows the player to increase their daily Bitcoin income. All Bitcoin produced by miners owned by a player is net profit. In other words: the player owns all the Bitcoin generated by their miners (including the free miner) and can withdraw it to their wallet.*


BitcoinMania is a developing game that appears to have a bright future. Its economy appears to be stable and growing. Platforms like this rely on ad revenue and with the latest inflow of sponsors it seems pretty feasable that BitcoinMania is here to stay as their economy and revenue model seems healthy. Of course, nothing is set in stone and we, the final consumer, will ultimately determine whether BitcoinMania will stay around. 



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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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