virtual mining lab part 2

By philxthexpain | Free coins | 30 Dec 2020

Roller coin

Now is the time to buy miners before the update of sat/(kw/h) comes into play.

But before thinking of buying miners buy a rack to be able to place them on otherwise they will sit in your inventory turned off.

After investing 330$ in Roller coin this is my new setup, now earning 2 sat per block( Last a life time but still need to be active) equivalent of 2,880 sat per day without counting power gained by playing games ( Last from1 day up to 7 days ).

Withdrawal proof 

Thank you for your time! hope you all health and wealth for the new years!!

click here to start playing Roller coin


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i'm a father of 4, living with my wife renting for now trying to buy a house. i work full time in construction and i love music i right song as a hobby and now i decided to learn about crypto in hope of having financial freedoom.

Free coins
Free coins

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