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By Poey | Free Bitcoin | 7 Sep 2022

My biggest goal in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is to become self-sufficient and earn a live-able passive income. I have spent many hours doing research on where to invest and how to invest. One thing I have discovered is that if you don’t have a lot to invest the growth and earnings are going to be slow. I am one of those people who don’t have a lot to invest, but one of my investments that has really become fruitful is on Osmosis. 

Osmosis is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain where people have created liquidity pools. It’s an Automated Market Maker built on the Cosmos eco-chain. 

I was skeptical about adding my coin to the liquidity pool and decided to only invest in one -> Cosmos and Osmosis pool. I started off by only putting $100 in and it’s been a month and my gains have been 3.2 OSMO which is equivalent to $3.80. Which when I originally looked at my gains realized that if my ultimate goal is to be self-sufficient was going to take a lot more investing and time. But I always forget that the price of a coin varies day in and day out. 

I decided I would reinvest my gains into the pool and watch what happens. So stay tuned with me on my journey to being self-sufficient with crypto. 

When I added $100 into the liquidity pool I also invested $100 to stake OSMO on Keplr (linked with my ledger). I thought this would be a safer investment if the pool was a flop. I have other investments here which I monitor weekly and reinvest my gains. Weekly I am averaging .35 OSMO. I go back and forth on if I should take these gains and add them to the liquidity pool or just continue to stake them. If you have any advice please comment and help this padawan. 

I really enjoy Osmosis because it is easy to use and I am seeing gains, even if they are little. My plan this month is to take my Cosmos gains for this month and add them to the liquidity pool and see what difference that makes in terms of gains. If you have any suggestions please comment and help a girl out. Thank you for reading and commenting. 

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