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By Fredog | Fredog | 16 Jul 2020

Hello everyone!

I have one question for you, are you watch content on youtube, vimeo, instagram or facebook some hours at day, all days?

If that is true, this post will like you because i need show you how to get rewards for watch, publish, read and share contents like your actuals social networks but, with rewards ;)

So, the platform is LBRY,  this side and official app let you be a content creator with only some clicks, here you can do video, photos, documents and content about your talent, you habilities, something where you feel great, you can share your job, your art, all you want and get paid for that. That's sound amazing right?

How work?

1. Click here Register  you have to register normally, put in your email, go to inbox mail and verify with the email.

Firts page you will see

2. Come back to the before page, this page will reload alone and now you have you first channel!

3. Use SMS to make a second verify, but this is for apply to the rewards. Super easy, put in your country code, your number phone and you will get a code with 4 digits. Come back, write the code and... Done!

Choose the tags, this help to LBRY to show you content like that. 


Now you must think, what i want talk on LBRY? This part is very important, but relax you have a lot changes to decide because you can open not only one, no, you can use two, three, four, ten, how much channel you want! Then, try to use an original content for you first channel (then you can edit it or delete it), when yo got it, write the title channel, this maybe edit, then the @namechannel, this is the unit opportunity to do, after summit you can not edit it.

When you finish this part, go to up the page at right, there you can see 3 icons, one to upload a file, the second is for see your publishes, following, rewards and wallet and the last for conf. Account.

You will be able to get LBC uploading content and getting followers... But how do it?

When you go to upload select the file, on your phone or PC edit the name and use something similar to the content, for example : i talk about cars... Use cars video 1.mp4

The quality must be 720p, i recomend use this, if you want something more profesional, use an intro. That help.

The name: Write the real, dont use fake name to get views because that is lose time here, if the video is about dogs. Use dogs between the title.

You can choose the little image from the video, recomended.

The tags are very important, use it witj inteligent, the dogs video would have dogs that, right? Use similar words to get people with the same things like you.

The url of you video could be similsr to the title, but try to do as short as you can.

Copyright.... If the content is personal, you can use the common 4.0. Is friendly with the user, but i recomend read on internet about it if you want safe your content private.

LBC deposit, how much? Maybe 1LBC is fine. When the publish is done, go to watch it and you would be able to see "Support" icon, in this part is fun.

On lbry you can help yourself to increase your post for get more views with your LBC balance, touch the icon and choose the channel (the same is fine) and choose 1,5,10,100,1k or custom lbc, then "send a revocable support"... That mean you can get back your LBC when you wish, and you LBC are working for get more views. More LBC support, more views and followers. Easy.

How recover the LBC?

Go to wallet, choose support from the list and touch the basket of the post that you want cancel the support. All the LBC will be back and can be used to another publish. Or, on your channel dashboard, you are able to make a support to channel too. Work exactly like the pusblishes. 

How withdraw or buy your LBC? 

To buy, you can use the wallet or Coinex 

 to withdraw or buy it, on Coinex is very easy. Here you can exchange to BITCOIN or USD. Whatever you want. 


So, i leave here one opportunity to get some crypto coins. 

Become a LBRYANS!

I hope you enjoy this post, thanks you for read! 




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