Smiling Along In Life

By fredkese | fredkese | 26 Aug 2019

>Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Matthew 6:27


Imagine two people going for an interview for the same job. They all have the same certifications and qualifications. They are all of the same build, from same school, and from same city. They are equal or similar in all aspects of life. Only one person can be hired for the job and they both go for the interview the same day to face the same panelists. The first person enters with a sad and depressing look, but does very well in the interview. The other enters with a smiling face that radiates rays of warmth. Who's more likely to be hired if they both excel at the interview. I'm sure it will be the one smiling.

The look on our faces tell a lot about us and often can impact how people relate with is. When you look angry, people are scared to approach you, lest they step on your toe. They wouldn't feel safe around you. A depressed look keeps people away. Everyone has their own troubles in life and nobody wants to came to you and leave even more depressed than they came.

When you enter a room and there are lots of people crying, you are also likely to start crying. Same way with laughter. A smile is infectious. Often, people tend to smile when a baby looks at them smiling, even when they don't plan to smile. That's the power of a smile. Smiling makes you look good and feel good.

Two great hindrances to having a warm smile is fear and worry. Unfortunately, we fear things we don't even know, and we worry about things we can't control. Isn't that depressing? It goes to mean that, there's often nothing we can do about the things we fear and the things we worry about, so why fear and worry? It only steals our joy for the things we have and we focus on things we don't have and things that aren't real.

>But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33 NKJV

When bitter winds blow your way, know that people wish to be alive, even if it is to pass through a bitter experiences but they are dead. If you walk and can't afford a car, know that someone owns a fleet of cars, but is crippled in bed. If you only eat once a day, know that someone can buy all the food possible, but doesn't even have an appetite to eat. If the birds of the air and the beasts of the field get food to eat, then know that you are far worthy to let the troubles of the present steal your joy forever.

Smile along in life when all looks dark and gloomy. Smile along in life when you are heartbroken and dejected. Smile along in life when family and friends disappoint you. Smile along in life when misfortunes come your way. Smile along in life when you are not at ease. Smile along in life when all seems lost. In every situation or circumstance, whether pain or joy, don't let that smile disappear from your face.

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