New Curriculum Training In Ghana

By fredkese | fredkese | 2 Sep 2019


There's a Training program currently going on across the length and breadth of Ghana to train teachers on the new curriculum that has been implemented and is scheduled to start in September this year. Teachers of public training schools had theirs last week and teachers from private schools are doing their training this week. I teach in a private school.


The training started on Wednesday and continues until Monday. It's scheduled for four(4) days with exceptions on Saturdays and Sundays where there will be no training. So far so good even though it's been tiring because of sitting arrangements and all.


The organizers say they had planned for 300 people as that's the number of teachers the schools provided to them. However, over 500 teachers attended the workshop and this placed a toll on the available infrastructure. Seats for 2 now had 3 or sometimes 4 adult people on it.


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