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By fredkese | fredkese | 14 Sep 2019


Happy Sunday everyone. Been raining all day here. Did some laundry yesterday and I’ve still not been able to get them off the dry line as the rains have made the wet. We dry clothes in the sun here.

Went to church today. Today is the day set aside to celebrate men in Assemblies of God churches across Ghana. It’s known as the men ministry day. Royal Rangers is a department under men ministry. It’s kind of a cadet corp under men ministry designed for children from 9 to 19.

It has all the merits of the military but in a more friendly manner. It instills discipline and grooms children to be future leaders. We didn’t have one in my local church and one was inaugurated today. In the above photo, you see them wearing white with their commander before them.

Came home to pound fufu when the weather cleared a bit. I didn’t eat before going to church, and the fufu is the only thing I’ve ate all day. I feel like eating now, but it’s too late and I don’t want to make my 1 pack (pot belly😁) any bigger. Would have to sleep now then😊. Goodnight y’all.

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