Lamine's Secret

By fredkese | fredkese | 8 Sep 2019

It was time to tell Owusu the truth. Lamine had held on to the secret for since he met Owusu but things seem to be getting pretty serious between them. She wanted to tell him earlier but she feared his reaction. They had a good thing going, and she didn't want to loose that. Owusu is the first man to make her interested in men again after all that she's been through.


She decided to take him out to dinner, at least it would be more difficult for him to overreact in public. She knew Owusu was a gentleman but if she hasn't forgiven herself, she doesn't believe Owusu can be okay with what she's about to tell him. She braced herself for the worst and decided that, no matter what happens, Owusu deserves to know the truth.

Lamine still doesn't know when she fell in love with Owusu. She's always been afraid of men since she was 15 but Owusu was able to break the barriers she had built around her heart. There's nothing she wouldn't do to stay with Owusu and even though telling him might backfire and cause him to break up with her, she couldn't do that to him.

Owusu was Sena's friend from church before she joined. They were all in the same church but they weren't really friends. They only said hello to each other when they met in church or in town. Once or twice Owusu had tried engaging her in conversations but she always found a way to respectfully dismiss him. She had no interest in him and for that matter any man. She couldn't lead him on.

Owusu first met Lamine in his neighborhood when he had gone to buy milk at the local supermarket. He had seen so many beautiful girls in the university, but there was something that drew him closer to her. Her hair was short like that of someone who was in the senior high school but he was sure she wasn't that young. There were dark circles under her eyes that made you want to look at her eyes and that fascinated him.

She had full round cheeks like the case 5 football used for football matches in the school park just behind his wall. Her lips were thin and looked like they don't open too often. Her face was as smooth as a baby's. Her held was held high and though she had no smile, there was a softness in her eyes. She was the kind of woman he had always wanted.

She had a slender body that models would die for. She wasn't too skinny and not an ounce fat. She was just perfect with bowed legs. Owusu hated knocking knees since he started school as he had always been teased for having one. He couldn't stand at attention with his two feets touching each other as his knees prevented that. It is either he bent his knee to allow his feet to touch or he only allow the knees to touch instead of his feet.

He had always dreamed of having kids who had straight legs or legs bowed inwards with their where their knees didn't touch when they stood at attention. With that in mind, he had never paid any interest in women who had knocking knees or "K" legs. He didn't even want women with straight legs as he wanted a woman who will counter his "K" legs so his children don't suffer the same humiliation he had to go through.


<sub>*** be continued***</sub>

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