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By Francisco Borges | Francisco Borges | 11 Mar 2020

The Colisseum(or Colosseum or even Flavian Amphitheatre) is located in Rome, Italy.It is oval and support place from 50000 to 80000 spectators.

The construction began in 72 AD under the orders of Vespasian and only finished the construction in 80AD in Titus legacy.


What was is used for?

It was used form gladiator contests mainly, it was used for public spetacles such as mocj sea battles, animal gunts, executions, renasciment os famous battles or dramas based in classical mythology.

Some facts about the Colosseum

  • The emperar inaugurated the Coliseum with 100 days of games, which took the life of more than 2000 gladiators;
  • The build had 80 extrances;
  • Sometimes the colissuem was free for all at the major events even free food was sometimes served;
  • Bellow the Amphitheatre were numerous rooms and underground passages. It included 36 trap doors in the arena for special effects;


Some pop references

The Flavian Amphitheatre appeared in films such as Roman Holiday, Way of the dragon, Gladiator, Madagascar3.

It appear in games too like Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Age of empires.

It is the stage of final and start of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo anime.



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