NEXO Introduces Fixed Term Savings

By Foxy | foxy | 5 Mar 2021

For those that don't know, NEXO is an online/app platform that allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies of up to 12% and also offer a credit line of 5.9% depending on your loyalty level.

I have found it quite easy to reach the Platinum loyalty level because you only need to hold a minimum of 10% of your savings wallet in NEXO tokens. I joined NEXO in August and so far, as of writing, $1,799 in my portfolio and have earned a total of $33.72 in interest.

Recently they have just introduced fixed term savings allowing you to 'lock' your cryptocurrency away for 1 month and earn interest for an extra 1% on the original savings amount. This is ideal for me as I'm a HODLer. While I would love to play the market and make my fantasy money, I'm more conservative when it comes to earning money.

As an example, I have:

0.01348508 BTC

0.22662953 ETH

9.4034 EOS

219.0582190 XLM

Which were earning 5% interest, but I have 'locked' them away and I am now earning 6% on each of these. I could have chosen to be paid in NEXO tokens which would take the interest rate up to 8%, but I am happier to receive the interest in the original currencies that I am holding. I also have 

326.05298307 NEXO

which earn a dividend. NEXO shares 30% of its profits to NEXO holders.

I think this is an exciting step for NEXO and they are sure to become more popular with this latest offering. 

Of course we must not forget that although a company may come across as strong, problems can occur - Cred Inc, for example. But NEXO seem a lot more transparent about what they do and are covered by a lot more money than Cred Inc. However it must be noted that diversifying your investments to more than one platform is always advised and/or keeping the cryptocurrencies in their respective wallets. This is not financial advice, and your own research should be done before making any decisions.

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