New Year's Day Photography

By Foxy | foxy | 3 Jan 2021

The first day of 2021 and the weather was amazing: cold, sunny and icy. I dressed up like an Eskimo and head out at 7:30am towards the park to get some pictures and I think I got some pretty impressive photographs!

I managed to catch this one by standing on a bridge (pretty impressive for me as I don't like bridges!). I didn't think that I would get this image without blur as I was resting the camera on the handrail but the camera was sliding all over the place :D



As I entered the park, the sunrise was really kicking in. The various colours with the silhouette of the distant trees and buildings create a impressively powerful image.



The next two were taken using an f/3 stop and create two different effects by the near and far focus.

Snow close zoom.

Snow far zoom


The sun was beginning to creep further up in the sky and gave this tree a wonderfully unique colouring.



The randomness of nature is impressive...



But so is symmetry and contrast...


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New to cryptocurrency, but hoping to learn more.


I've always had an interest in photography and have finally taken the plunge to buy a camera and learn how to use it.

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