Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver?

By foxyfoxy | FoxBlog | 29 Apr 2022

Elon Musk is bloodline. Not only is he bloodline but he is in the very inner circle of bloodline, brought up and trained for a specific job in the end times that we are now a part of.

Two whistleblowers, to my knowledge, have already come forward that have said this of Elon Musk. One is Shalom Girl who was housegirl to the Musks.

Shalom Girl states that when he was a child Elon was called “el elyon” which she says in hebrew means god god most high. [2]

She also says “I was told that Elon would lead the great deception”. Maye Musk, Charlie Manson & Rosemary’s Baby [2]

She adds “Jesus said be not deceived many would come in my name go ye not after them the time draws near” [2]

Shalom Girl once asked one of May Musk’s friends if Elon was the antichrist. She replied “No, but he will present the mark and when you see him do that the antichrist will take the stage” I Asked If Elon Musk Was The Antichrist [2]

She says he tried to sacrifice her in the spirit world when he opened the Abyss Elon Musk & Dreams Of Dragons [2]

So according to Shalom Girl, Elon will “lead the Great Deception” and he will “present the mark”.

Quite what deception, as there are so many, is unclear and the mark could be the “mark of the beast”.

1965 Maye Musk named me Rosemary at birth. Remember Rosemary's Baby? 1978 Maye sends for me to come care for Elon. Elon's name was El Elyon and Maye called herself Light. Dr Joshua Norman Haldeman, Elon's grandfather, faked his own death 1974 and was up to no good in U.S.A. labs. They're the Illuminati and planning world take over. Since I started telling you the truth, my family history is being deleted off the internet,, military records, school records, and the census records say my grandfather never survived ww2 and socked Dr Joshua Norman Haldeman up, Elon Musk's grandfather. Dr Haldeman was arrested for being a TECHNOCRAT LEADER and kicked out of Canada 1940. #OperationPaperclip, #OperationMockingBird, #OperationMidnightClimax, Jesus Christ saved me 🌻

More of Shalom Girls testimony and links here Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends [2]

Jessie Czebotar - The other whistleblower is Jessie Czebotar who was trained to be the successor of the Queen Mother of Darkness, but chose not to accept the role.

She has stated that Elon and her were in a core cell group of 3 in the illegal secret experiments organised by Ukrainian Nazi Michael Karkoc, Aquino and Brennan.

“there was a core group of boys that I grew up with you know, so I will I will admit that he was one of the three in the core cell groups that I went through with the looking glass’. He also was involved in the Star Wars now projects with us so he went through the same training sessions with you know the Nazi gentlemen [Karkoc] as well as with Aquino and Brennan with me and my training partner. So yeah so there’s there’s high involvement there, you know. Very scientifically minded, it did not surprise me when I found out that he was heading up space force or bringing forward a lot of the prot technology that would it advanced the projects that connect into that spiritual world” autotranscript [1]

Level One, Alice and the Looking Glass

Looking Glass focused on learning how to look into the spirit world and try to manipulate time or play with events as they would unfold in time.

For this one they need three children who work in conjunction. The children learn to see into the spiritual realm, but

  • One child only can see what the end result will be.

  • One child can not see what happens in the end, but can tell step by step what the process is to get the end result

  • The last child sees every possible choice and the consequences of that choice

From those three they piece together the best possible choice and the steps to take to get there, in order to get the end result they desire. [5]

Jessie went on to say “When they have six children who can work in conjunction in Alice project they move them to next level of experiment which is Level 2 StarWars Now project.”

For more on Looking Glass also see MJ4 Majestic – Dan Burisch, Stargates and ET [12]

Level 2 Star Wars

They throw in a random seventh child who has wild card gifts, meaning that they don’t know what this child can see or do or how they work in conjunction with others.

They draw a pentagram, five children stand at points of pentagram. Two children in the  middle.

This is done in a huge warehouse like room, so the pentagram is massive. The children at the points had to be about twenty feet at least from Sunshine in the middle, and the ones  at points reach out hands toward one another, but can’t touch due to the distance apart. 

They have learned to extend the energy their bodies emit. This creates an energy (harmony and resonance) the two children in middle can draw upon. This was called Ground Zero or Base Field or Home Base or Base Camp.

Outside the children in the middle, there are two other energy fields they create.

  • The first is the magnetic field which equals demonic beings singing and connecting to allow their energy to be tapped.

  • The second field is called the electromagnetic field which consisted of high priests and priestesses giving their energy to be tapped.

The two in the circle are the ones who are to draw on all this energy to enhance their personal harmony and resonance. 

With it being a pentagram, which is summoning holy ground, the two in middle have unlimited access to summon as many demonic legions they can. That is one of the childrens’ job.

They are to funnel through the demonic hoards. The other child holds open the heavenly gates so the demons can flood through. Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [5]

This is the whole objective of the Satan/Lucifer plan - to usurp the throne of God and take control with hordes of demons flooding through the gates of heaven.

To achieve the opening of the gates, he has abused these children via Karkoc, Brennan and Aquino to be able to open the gates and summon the demons at a time of his choosing.

The antichrist has been in charge of the Luciferian plan to seize Gods throne since 24th April 2020.

One of Jessie’s roles was to oversee the consummation of the antichrist. Her ritual name was Sunshine and her training partners was Moonlight.

I went into great detail about this just before the event was to take place Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [7].

The antichrist is represented lying down before his raising, in the “antichrist shrine” above Gloria Vanderbilt’s bed. Sunshine is represented on the left facing it and moonlight on the right.

Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [7]

Although the 5th reading of the books to consummate the antichrist did not go ahead on that date, he still assumed the position. [10]

The Queen Mother of Darkness is still alive and was not succeeded by Jessie due to her choice, but is no longer the Head of the Illuminati. That is now the antichrist, a change to a patriarchal system.

The other ritual, the storming of the spiritual gates to heaven to take over gods kingdom is also yet to take place. [10]

Who is the antichrist?

That is an important question.

How can we tell? As largely the satanic forces are reactive, anti… Christ, against the role of Christ as messiah, they spend an inordinate amount of time in their symbolism to mock Christ. So he will come from the lineage of David, he will be able to do signs, wonders and miracles. He will proclaim to be the true Messiah and lead Israel and all mankind into deception. All of Israel will believe he is the long awaited Messiah, then you shall know…

He is probably a known personality at present, but his role of course is not yet known. At present though who he is is not important, nor is the probable price worth paying for revealing it, even if I knew, which I do not. There are many lower hanging fruit, and other knowledge of the system that can be spread.

Besides revealing the antichrist could just result in a change of individual. The antichrist is a title, a position, not the individual per se.


Obama is the new Phoenix, having taken over from George Soros as the head of the Satanic Council overseeing the destruction of old order and the building of the new. Obama is now running the Satanic Council [10]

This is, if I understand correctly, the destruction of the overtly dark side, to be replaced by the even more devious and deceptive light side. Just as the political parties mean nothing and are controlled by the globalist cabal, so too the dark AND light side both work for the same side.

For more on this see Lifting the Wool blogs, who does incredible research from time consuming videos and all sources to piece together as best she can what is happening in the Illuminati. Perhaps start with her most recent, which is partly about the two sides of the illuminati Former Illuminist Carolyn Hamlett [14]

For further information on issues and positions in this battle see Illuminati Players and the Battlefield – Earth Realm [11]

Is it a coincidence that Elon’s bid for twitter happened around the 24 April, the anniversary of the rising of antichrist 2 years ago, and also over Easter time the resurrection of Jesus?

Restoration of free speech to make it in line with free speech laws is better than the truth being banned and only the globalist narrative being presented, but is it just another deception?

Does Elon buying twitter put him at odds with Satan’s end times plans or will there be a twist that reveals a sinister motive?

If the satanic globalist cabal are against free speech on twitter then they will find ways to deplatform via “at every level of the tech stack from DNS, to hosting providers, app stores, email services, and more. Some of the top investors in Silicon Valley are already predicting this, as if to say they already have these wheels in motion! Gab overcame and rebuilt from absolutely nothing through all of these hurdles.” [16]

Is Elon Musk now in a fight with these?
Is it the just the normal betrayal taught to illuminati? [20]
Is it a fight between light and dark sides of the illuminati?

I have not studied much about end times - eschatology, nor do I intend to, as there are so many interpretations and my time is better spent on other things. However just to show the multiple levels of deceit, Carolyn says there are plans for a fake antichrist… [15]


2015 Carolyn Hamlett - Illuminati Plan Fake Antichrist Before The False Messiah [15]

Interestingly like many Luciferians, Elon Musk’s first born died. [18] Elon is jsut Illuminati West Quadrant of the US. His father however is International. [10]

Elon is very much on message as regards the WEF Great Reset Luciferian agenda….

Elon’s actions appear to align themselves with the satanic cabal, from using Starlink to help Ukrainian Nazis to Neuralink linking humans to chips and artificial intelligence.

Elon has also said “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the devil.”

This graphic neatly illustrates Elon is on message…

2022 Apr 18 LeoHohmann Patrick Wood asks: Will the real Elon Musk please stand up?

Elon and Jesus

The normally satirical Babylon Bee broadcast an interview on solstice 2021 in which they asked "Babylon Bee is a Christian organization and we're a ministry. ... To make this church, we're wondering if you could do us a quick solid and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? ... Personal Lord and Savior. It's a quick prayer."

Musk responded, "I agree with the principles that Jesus advocated."

"There's some great wisdom in the teachings of Jesus, and I agree with those teachings," he said, pointing out forgiveness and the Golden Rule.

“Things like turn the other cheek are very important, as opposed to an eye for an eye. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” Musk maintained. "Forgiveness is important, and treating people as you would wish to be treated. Love thy neighbor as thyself."

“As Einstein would say, ‘I believe in the God of Spinoza,'" Musk said, referring to the quote believed to have been spoken by Albert Einstein in 1921. Einstein was believed to have said, “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”

Musk added, "But hey, if Jesus is saving people, I mean, I won’t stand in His way. Sure, I’ll be saved. Why not?”

“I think he just said yes,” Nicolle said. “We got him.”

There is a bit more and it is best to watch to see the body language and Elon’s darting eyes. However I have not watched him closely before and the darting eyes may be a feature of people brought up in this abusive, satanic Monarch mind control system. Gloria V also had darting eyes which is meant to be why she chose the patterns she did.

2021 Dec 22 Odysee Babylon Bee Interview Elon Musk says he agrees with Christ's teachings as Babylon Bee hosts ask him to accept Jesus as his savior [9a]

or youtube [9]

If you want a bit more video about Elon, when Elon was going out with Grimes…

Bitchute Its a shame, see for yourself, Elon Noooooo [19]

Concluding Questions

What exactly is Elon’s role for end times?
Will Elon turn his back on his mind control training and Luciferian handlers and his attached demons and be saved or is it just another deception?

What will be Elon’s choice?


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