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By foxyfoxy | FoxBlog | 12 Apr 2022

Recently banned from twitter, I am regrouping and looking at what I have called community social media sites.

By that term I loosely mean those that reward creators with points/tokens/crypto for their content, are decentralised and generally free of centralised authoritarian control - replaced mainly by blockchain accountability which helps build up like minded communities of people.

Sites such as Library/Odysee, Minds, Bastyon, Publish0x, Hive, Read Cash, Serey, Inji and no doubt there are many more. All these platforms are works in progress.

In many ways I am not the right person to do this, as I know virtually nothing about them, know nothing about crypto type stuff, I am not techy or good at learning new stuff.

However I think there are alot of people who fit into these categories and what it takes me an hour to research /learn, I want to be able to pass on so that it only takes others a minute to two to read, because I believe these are useful platforms.

These type of sites should avoid the authoritarian narratives forced upon us by big tech. However at this stage they need to be navigated with care as there are many “rug pulls” amongst this type of set up, intended to only benefit the founders and then the the rug is pulled and they walk away.

Bad Tech Media

Recently I was banned from twitter with 19,000 followers that had taken me 6 years to very slowly build up, posting about an unpopular topic such as child abuse.

Whilst this was of some value, then much of that time and effort was wasted as all my content is deleted by twitter for the crime of telling the truth which does not fit with the narrative that they wish to portray for their own nefarious purposes.

I like the twitter platform, I dislike the people who control it and the way they control it. When I had a relatively large following I felt that I should use that following to fight the false narrative and promote the truth as much as possible on there. I also felt that I had a duty or moral imperative not to just abandon my following but to amplify smaller accounts, as for 2 or 3 years I knew exactly what it felt like to be shouting into the wind and no-one appearing to hear.

However having been banned, and not only banned but twitter purge all your content in vengeful retaliation to eradicate your presence from the twittersphere, then I am not going to go back. It makes no sense to put so much effort into something that is dependent on a psychopath pulling the rug from under you at any time and for any reason they make up.

The last big twitter purge was just before the US election. Not only did they purge twitter, they also obviously had planned to delete the main back people had at the time, the number one downloaded app Parler. They effectively deleted that by refusing to stock the app.

So it is obvious we need to diversify and spread the risk over several platforms, and do this before any big purges, as everyone then loses contact with each other, at least to a large extent and for a period of time that the globalist cabal wish to have unchallenged narrative.

I believe people who have hope that Elon Musk will transform twitter are mistaken. He is inner sanctum satanic illuminati “royalty” and using his power with Starlink satellites to intervene on one side in a war, rather than use it for the wider benefit of mankind.

Anyhow the way forward is not to replace one overly powerful satanic oligarch with another. Shuffling satanic overlords…

Last time twitter chose to disrupt us was before the US election, who knows this next time? But you tube and twitter seem to be getting trigger happy just now and several countries are preparing anti free speech, so called “misinformation” legislation.

So, wanting to want to stop using youtube as much as possible can, I started watching more on my Odysee, which I set up to upload and make safe content I wished to include in my blog, which was not my own.


I was surprised to begin to earn LBC points just by watching videos.

LBC I think stands for LiBrary Coin which is not a coin but a credit, or point or token to rate your contributions in the community. Maybe even called a currency, and maybe tradeable with Crypto currencies or even fiat or gold idk. But the main point is to keep it in the community to reward good content or boost that you think is good.

Odysee- if I understand correctly Library is the blockchain, (I dont even really understand what the blockchain is) and Odysee the name of the video part of it.

To avoid bots/scammers etc there are certain rules to start with that mean you cannot post certain things or only slowly etc. This is common afaik. They do not want you uploading a load of videos without interacting in the community. Each video you upload you have to have I think 0.01 LBC to support it.

They give you a little bit of LBC for registering with email, then for watching peoples videos, and other things. I am not sure what I have got all these for, but it is basically for watching.

You get LBC/points for watching Odysee video only if you are logged in. You get LBC for watching on at least 3 days a week, you get LBC for getting followers, you get LBC for inviting others via your links.
Some is automatic, some you have to claim via press these red buttons on the rewards page. No idea why they are not all automatic. Keep you on your toes!

Odysee Rewards [1]

I got these points and tbh I dont know what they are all for… The symbol for LBC/points btw is that red and blue/green diamond symbol

Odysee Rewards [1]

Whilst I do have some content on my Odysee channel, then it is not created by me, I uploaded it so I could be sure that it was not censored/deleted from other channels and I could use it in my blogs. As the content is not mine, then rightly I have not been tipped, I am not eligible as such.

The tipping however is very important. It is how you show to others that you appreciate their work and how creators can tell that their work is appreciated.
Its easy to do, you just press the support button under the video that you want to support and this screen comes up, listing your channel. You decide the amount to give and press the red button.

As I am not currently producing content, I only had 2.6 LBC credit just from watching videos etc. I sent 1 LBC credit today to Emma of the Imagination. She had used up all her LBC credit trying to upload all her videos after her first youtube channel was deleted.

She wasn’t allowed to upload more videos as she had no LBC. She was not taking part in the community and just mass uploading videos. Thats fair enough. Emma didn’t understand the system and nor did I.

So the small tip I gave her should enable her to upload another video. Then it is important I think that the tags are right. The “boost” with more LBC which will enable the video to appear higher up the videos list when people search for various tags.. eg child abuse, survivors, family court, targeted individual etc. whatever tag is searched for. That “boost” LBC is retrievable and can be used later to support other videos.

So hopefully we can get people watching the soon to be uploaded video of Emma’s and so she earns LBC on her video from people watching it. She will also earn LBC from any followers she gets. When she gets more LBC’s she can boost her video and and when she gets to 50 she is allowed to do things like livestream…

Over 500 you tube subscribers you can also sync your you tube channel with Odysee and it presumably automatically uploads here. Not sure if the tube channel is lost if it stays on Odysee or not. If you know please leave a comment. If it is lost if Youtube is deleted then might be best to upload separately onto Odysee, but maybe the sync means you don’t use the LBC - again not sure.

This is where the sync button is to the right of search box, then third option down…

Essentially there is masses I don’t know and many others will be better people to investigate and explain further.

So all was looking good to me, then Scott Cunningham released his latest video. Scott looks at all these type of platforms and appears to make his living from making videos about crypto and the development of these type of sites. His knowledge is vast compared to mine…

I haven’t had a chance to watch the video but the show notes reproduced underneath appear damning enough…


Scott Cunningham What Happened To LBRY & Odysee? [6]

Scott says they have changed. He earns only 1% of what he used to, they haven’t paid creators that they promised to, the emphasis seems to have changed to more a pay system and it is more centralised than was thought.


I wanted to flag Odysee as platform as one to watch and join.

These platforms if they are good are places where for example family court campaigners, survivors of child abuse, monarch mind control, target individuals etc can get together and just by watching support content creators such as Emma and others. We can build out own self supporting community that is not deplatformed by big tech.

Odysee appears to have gone astray from its founding principles, according to Scott’s analysis. Whilst disappointed by this I will still choose to watch videos on Odysee where possible as opposed to the evil CIA google /youtube and also keep an eye on it. I will continue to use it as a place to upload some videos that I use in my blogs, to avoid consequences of censoring by other platforms. Odysee still has many advantages over google and maybe they will swing back to a fairer system.

I will continue to look at some other platforms in this series. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, especially from those that know more than me.

Scott Cunningham’s Shownotes on Odysee

Odysee and LBRY have changed a great deal over the years and as someone who helped endorse them, referred thousands of people, recommended it, and did LBRY first exclusive videos, we need to talk about what has happened to them. When it started out, there was no KYC of any kind, you could freely earn LBC, it was inexpensive to post content and they gave out enough free LBC for people to still afford to use the platform. They claimed that if you used LBRY the “decentralized” application that it was different from Odysee and that it was in fact decentralized and censorship-resistant. They claimed they were not only a YouTube alternative but a YouTube successor. That has all changed. TLDR: you have to pay to use the platform, they have ads with no ad share for users, they want you to pay with a credit card, they have KYC, they didn’t payout LBC they promised to creators who promoted them for 2 years, it’s not decentralized, they ban channels, monetization is completely centralized, and basically everything they were championing themselves for doing isn’t really something they offer. Here's why I’m concerned: - The governance of LBRY and LBC is 100% centralized and controlled by them (Lab From Mars). - They ban channels on the "decentralized" application. – https://odysee.com/@paintythepirate:4 o You can spin up your own server and do a bunch of extra work to view banned content which is better than nothing, but the reality is almost no one knows about it, how to do it, nor will they do it, just like with the LBRY 100k LBC claim mentioned below. - They tanked rewards, I now get like close to just 1% of what I used to earn as a creator there. I earn more from Brave browser ad rewards now. You also need to do a lite KYC “verify” to earn rewards. o The tokenomics were short-sighted and clearly don’t work. The LBC monetization is 100% centralized and always going down. Since they prepared so poorly what really happened is the top creators and early creators got all the LBC and then they massively lowered rewards for everyone else. I don’t know many crypto social platforms that do this that weren’t rug pulls like Bitclout, SoMee, or Uptrennd. o


- You need Discord, two legacy social platforms and to try to make a pitch with as many personal details as you can in hopes that they will approve you after manual inspection. Not only is this a ton of KYC, but it relies on legacy platforms that also need tons of KYC, and they leave it completely open to human bias with the manual inspection. The biggest problem with censorship isn’t that evil people exist, it’s that you give people the ability to potentially do evil or make mistakes when you could provide a trustless solution with blockchain instead. - They just announced ads (and there is still no ad share for creators). - You have to pay LBC to post videos. - To buy their new premium membership so you don't see ads, you have to KYC & use a credit card. - There is no incentive to keep holding LBC – The way it was used previously hardly works now and creators are mainly incentivized to just sell right away now. - They didn't release a claim feature for LBRY partner founders who were owed 100k LBC on February 14 2022 o This was probably one of the more egregious things they did. They provided very hard to follow instructions that very few can or have been able to follow. You can just email them and go through a manual process, but I believe this was just a way to set up obstacles for this process to slow down and or entirely mitigate a massive dump of LBC. With its current 40,000 trade volume in the last 24 hours, that would suggest that 1.1 million LBC would be an entire day's worth of volume which would just be 11 creators who received the 100k selling. It’s almost been two months and there is still no feature for these users as promised.


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