We're extremely excited to share with you our latest partnership: Ferrum Network!

We're extremely excited to share with you our latest partnership: Ferrum Network!



Hello Community,

We’re extremely excited to share with you our latest partnership: Ferrum Network!

  Partnership Details

The teams at PhoenixDAO and Ferrum Network identified immediate synergies and the relationship couldn’t have started on a better footing. Ferrum, like us, sees huge potential for future growth of both projects as a result of this partnership. 

The partnership will see a PHNX listed  in Ferrums UniFyre wallet (details below), and Ferrum Network will be utilizing the PhoenixDAO identity protocol to improve the user experience in their forthcoming Sub-Zero Wallet (a cold storage app for your cryptocurrency). 

The projects are discussing a deeper integration within the UniFyre Wallet, which we hope to announce soon.


Who is Ferrum Network

Ferrum network is a decentralized network like the Ethereum Network or IOTA but with a unique value proposition – instead of focusing on new coins, it can represent coins in other networks. For example, you can have Ether, Bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens, or coins from almost any other blockchain transacted in the Ferrum Network. This groundbreaking innovation allows for very interesting decentralized and interoperable applications, such as the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange (Fe DEX), and the Ferrum Wallet. Both of these decentralized applications allow users to exchange and transact nearly any digital asset in a fast and inexpensive manner, without requiring them to pass the custody of their assets to a third-party.

Aside from the listing itself, Ferrum Network and PhoenixDAO will be working together in multiple areas, including a technical integration for Ferrum’s Sub-Zero cold storage application, as well as an exciting UniFyre Wallet integration that will be announced soon.


Unlocking Link Drop, Pool Drop and Swap Drop Technology for PHNX

PhoenixDAO token (PHNX) will be listed on UniFyre Wallet later this week, enabling PHNX holders to take advantage of our ‘Link Drop’ technology, which allows users to send crypto assets to anyone over their platform of choice using a single link, including:

  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Email

and all other social media or communication platforms where links can be posted.

Moreover, the listing enables our revolutionary ‘Pool Drop’ technology for PHNX, meaning influencers, users and the PhoenixDAO project itself will be able send PHNX to up to 100 people at once using a single link, making contests, AMAs and other marketing campaigns completely seamless.

Finally, PHNX will be among the first projects to utilize our ‘Swap Drop’ technology, which will be revealed soon….

Benefits to FRM Holders and Community

As always, the listing fees paid in PHNX will be distributed to everyone holding 100,000+ FRM in their UniFyre Wallet. The time of the snapshot and the distributions will be announced soon.

In addition, we are reserving a small portion of PHNX to be distributed to the wider Ferrum Network community using a Pool Drop. Everyone who wants a chance at the PNHX Pool Drop should download the most recent version of UniFyre Wallet — Version 0.0.14 — and stay tuned to our social media channels.

What’s Next

Tomorrow Ferrum Network will announce the date/time of the snapshot and PNHX distribution to 100,000+ FRM holders. The Pool Drop could come at any time so keep a lookout on our channels! And if you haven’t already then now is a great time to download Unifyre and secure yourself a portion of the giveaway!

As always, thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for our next announcement later in July!

UniFyre Download Links

UniFyre iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/unifyre-wallet/id1505450820?ls=1

UniFyre Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ferrum.unifyre

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Website: https://phoenixdao.io

Telegram: https://t.me/PHNXDAO 

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Follow Ferrum/UniFyre on Social Media

Ferrum Website: https://ferrum.network/

UniFyre Website: https://unifyre.io/

Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network

Twitter: http://twitter.ferrum.network

UniFyre Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnifyreWallet

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.ferrum.network

YouTube: http://youtube.ferrum.network

Reddit: http://reddit.ferrum.network

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